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By xiexgp@gmail.com, February 17, 2013

From Agorafinancial:
-our visit to a stem cell laboratory in Northern California
The video documents a miracle of scientific discovery — proof that scientists could accomplish what was previously thought impossible… what many in the world will believe is a violation of God’s will.

A chance to live forever and remain forever young.

Yes, I’m talking about immortality. Practical, real immortality.
This biotech company has deciphered not only the genetic code that stops, and then reverses aging…

It has also patented a technology enabling it to flip a genetic switch within our DNA, what I call the “God Switch”…

Which may make human cells immortal.

They do not — will not die.

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7 years ago

hey… where is the article? where are the comments? where is the commentary? i knocked on the door, i was let into the room and when looked around… it was empty and i was alone. Dang.

7 years ago

Generally cancer cells are immortal, which is why they seem to be able to grow forever. When cells divide their centromere (sp?) becomes smaller with each division, therefore ordinary cells can only divide a fixed number of generation. Now what would be neat if one could take an ordinary adult cell and turn into a stem cell, with the centromere of a stem cell. Then the do it all over again if need be. Now consider adding this to 3-D printing. Instead of waiting for a kidney transplant one would donate cells to be transformed into stem cells do the right kind of magic and out of the printer comes a kidney. A kidney was printed at Wake Forest University I hear; I do not know if it was functional.


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7 years ago

HeLa cells have been happily growing in tissue culture since 1951! Is this immortality or merely a freakish cell line derived from Henrietta Lacks’ cervical cancer?http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HeLa.

So now a laboratory has programmed other cells to behave similarly?

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