Billionaire’s Portfolio

by kurt | March 28, 2013 9:59 pm

Anyone know anything about William Meade and his billionaire portfolio?


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      Jeff Sawyer
      Jul 8 2013, 06:42:13 pm

      I have also heard of this newsletter recently and am interested in how effective it is. I have also heard it can be used on a trial basis for 1 month.

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    Aug 18 2013, 04:25:55 pm

    Hey guys,

    I have been a subscriber to the BP newsletter for about 3 months ago. I can assure you this is not a pump and dump newsletter. Although I have only been paper trading his picks…a lot of his picks are well known companies. His strategy is very sound and when you look at his mode of operation, I think you will be impressed and feel like you are dealing with someone definitely legit. As far as why would he sell a newsletter and not just keep the info to himself…I have no idea…but if you look into the Billionaire’s he follows into a stock, it checks out every time. I will admit his free blog does come across as ‘cocky’ when he points out how well his picks are doing, but in the end I like the ‘hand holding’ process involved.
    Hope the feedback helps. I only felt compelled to reply when I saw the ‘pump and dump’ comment above. He doesn’t recommend penny stocks…and he clearly displays his pick when they were bought sold return etc…I figure if a Billionaire is involved with the stock and holds a large position, there is a reason they are the Billionaires and we are not lol.

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      Sep 6 2013, 02:40:08 pm

      I agree with what FloridaInvestor said, I started a few months back and I have been very pleased so far.

      This was a post he did about why he is offering this service:

      Yes, there is definitely a little bit of over-the-top to him, but that’s only on his blog. His newsletters that he and his partner send out are very professional and they go into detail about each pick as well as insight on the market as a whole. Just about every time they have been spot on. The stocks picked have specific catalysts targeted, it’s not just blindly holding on to a stock and hoping it goes up. Since starting in August of last year the whole portfolio is up over 35%, and it wasn’t even fully invested until the last few months of that year as the picks were getting lined up. I have managed to catch the tail end and I’m up 16% in just a few months. While nothing is guaranteed, I really like the approach and the focus on scenarios with asymmetrical risk where even if the company picked was to go under, they could sell off their assets and still come near or higher than the buy in price, while the upside can be two or three times the value or higher. In my experience these guys are legit, it is a great service, and worth your consideration.

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    Ira Laufer
    Jun 13 2015, 06:02:27 pm

    Just got into this blog for the first time although I’ve been a StockGum member for several months.
    Is the Billionaire Portfolio still in existence and is anyone here still in it….
    thanks ..

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      Nov 17 2015, 09:14:30 pm

      No indication from their website that they aren’t still operating. I’m considering it, esp after finding a May 2014 Barron’s article about Billionaire Portfolio with this: “Moreno’s [[one of the Bill. Port. cofounders]] backtest shows that $100,000 invested in iBillionaire Index stocks in 2005 would have grown to $260,180 today compared to $175,620 for the S&P 500. Neither backtest really spans enough market cycles to draw conclusions about future performance. But following some of the smartest investors into some of America’s most successful companies? Not exactly a wild-eyed idea.”

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