written by reader The Most Undervalued ……Gold Stock

By gimpie317, March 4, 2013

Travis: What is the name of the gold stock that Frank Curzio is pushing hard on to get new Phase I investors at $3K/year. Said
stock is enbroiled in a lawsuit over government approvals and is
owned by insiders and their CEO. What does the Thinkalator think?

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Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
March 4, 2013 9:55 pm

Hi James — covered that one here today: http://stockgumshoe.com/reviews/phase-1-investor/the-single-most-controversial-recommendation-weve-ever-made-frank-curzio/

From the initial response of Gumshoe readers, sounds like most folks are seeing the risk a lot more clearly than the reward on that one. Maybe that’s a contrarian indicator in itself, time will tell.

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March 5, 2013 2:33 pm

I must say it is nice having a private (don’t take this wrong) blood hound to sniff out the drama behind some of the newsletter that get brought to your attention this is a really cool service, our own CSI stock ticker guy, could be a new TV show. Instead of the mentalist the Thinkolaterist would not even need commercials the tip would pay the producer and and station owners. The great suspense of Wall Street, TSX, London Exchange etc. The James Bond of currency. Thanks for getting our money’s worth and letting us decide how to ration what we want to chance. If you please would choose to accept this mission, there is a Mr. X lets call him Shaffer nice man with good intentions who has a junior oil/ condensate company for the Canadian back haul pipeline job that he says is once in a lifetime NAT/LIQ/GAS/CONDENSATE well over a Dollar a stock. He put his vested future in with a money back guarantee. The Great Canadian back haul to MONTNEY a real money making bring the herd on the big cattle drive back to the North Country from Texas/south, south of the Red River for the big pay off, forget my drama but who could the great Travis and his Thinkolater think this Junior company black goldoil/condensate money machine is that Mr Keith is teasing us with. I hope you choose this mission not for us alone but also for those companies to benefit from the glut of oil up in Canada making there price go down by the day because of political pipeline permits, this will help stock holders but also maybe put people back to work moving there product before China buys more of them out. This project has patriotism involved, the people on the North Continent should be able to use there own resources first and then send extra export second. I hope you choose to accept this mission as I am sure some other readers would like to know to. No this e-mail will not self destroy it self in 5 minutes like the old mission impossible tapes wood it is in code so only you understand, gotta have a little fun.
Thanks Travis you have a one o a kind service. Hopefully as long as there are drama teasers there will be T&T ( Travis and Thinkolater).

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