“This 68-year-old Disruptive Energy Technology Could Mark the End of OPEC as we Know it.”

Friday File look at Nathan Slaughters pitch for Scarcity and Real Wealth ... plus a few stock updates for the Irregulars

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 22, 2013

There have been more than a few ads that talk about the “end of OPEC” — from the “Eagle Diesel” pitches made by Frank Curzio for the natural gas-driven transportation revolution, to the more misguided love affairs with geothermal energy in years past, but this one is a bit different … and, for a change, it focuses on an inexpensive, profitable and dividend-paying company.

So I thought it was worth taking a look for you in this week’s Friday File (we’ve also got a few updates on stocks we’ve covered in the past, including Lonrho and Invensense — those are down at the bottom).

This particular ad comes in for the Scarcity & Real Wealth letter from StreetAuthority, edited by Nathan Slaughter … so how does Slaughter catch our attention?

Well, here’s the intro to the ad:

“The U.S. Defense Department has already tested this new-age biofuel in its B-52 bomber fleet, while one major airline has already locked in a 10-year supply.

Forbes calls this development ‘a small but significant step forward in sustainable aviation.’

“The Wall Street Journal says, ‘Early adopters will make the most money.’

“You’ll call this the most profitable investment idea for 2013.

“If you can get in now — before this technology is rolled out in the U.S. — you could easily turn a $5,000 investment into $50,000 in the next five years but double that again when it’s licensed to China.”

So that sounds nice, right? Slaughter goes on to talk about the huge impact that fracking has had on natural gas prices, and says that this next step — which is dependent on those low nat gas prices — will help drive down the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel. And, of course, help make us rich in the process. He says he has two goals:

“1. To tell you about a “new” 68-year-old gas-to-liquids (GTL) disruptive energy technology that America’s glut of natural gas has made commercially profitable, and

“2. To explain how you can get in on this incredible wealth-building opportunity before licensing of the gas-to-liquids technology around the world begins and the company’s stock price doubles….

“I know how preposterous it may sound that GTL technology could be more profitable than fracking.

“But not when you fully understand how falling natural gas prices make it possible for GTL technology to profitably produce a barrel of diesel ...

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