“Fat Dividends from Cancer,” a personal buy, … and some updates

Friday file thoughts on a handful of companies, plus a Marc LIchtenfeld cancer teaser

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, April 5, 2013

I’ve got a handful of updates for you, including one on a stock that I bought yesterday and a few other notes about recent quarterly reports from stocks I follow, but first … a teaser to solve …

When I wrote about Marc Lichtenfeld’s pitch for “Spread Trusts” yesterday, I promised to also try to take a look at the cancer drug he was touting as one of his add-on ideas. Here’s how he teased it:

“Earn Fat Dividends From the Biggest Cancer Breakthrough in 39 Years

“I spent years as a trader in San Francisco. During that time, I built up my Rolodex with some of the biggest names in tech and biotech.

“I still use those connections to generate countless double- and triple-digit winners for my readers.

“And I’ve just identified the next huge winner. It’s a dividend payer that meets all the criteria of my 10-11-12 System. But it’s also rolling out the most important cancer drug in 39 years, according to my estimates. I can’t give too many details here, but in the most recent quarter, this little-known drug generated $178 million in sales. And I can almost guarantee you haven’t heard of it – yet.

“That’s why the time to get onboard is now…

“I’ll reveal all the details, down to the stock symbol, in another special report called Earn Fat Dividends From the Biggest Cancer Breakthrough in 39 Years.”

Well, if it’s going to be fat dividends in the conventional sense — and I suspect it is — then I’m pretty sure he’s touting a major pharmaceutical company here … one with a new cancer drug that he thinks will become substantially more important. That 10-11-12 system that he touts looks like it’s mostly a long-term dividend growth strategy, here’s how he puts it:

“During rigorous back-testing and real-world trials, it has proven to provide investors with annual 11% dividend yields… plus at least 12% annual total returns… every 10 years… like clockwork….

“Every month, my system will help me pinpoint the single best company poised to bring huge gains, and huge dividends, in the days ahead.

“You don’t have to lift a finger, or worry about your income going down anymore.

“In fact, with 10-11-12 we focus mainly on companies with a long history of RAISING their dividends, through all markets.”

So I read that as being similar to what many dividend growth ...

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