“Fat Dividends from Cancer,” a personal buy, … and some updates

Friday file thoughts on a handful of companies, plus a Marc LIchtenfeld cancer teaser

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, April 5, 2013

I’ve got a handful of updates for you, including one on a stock that I bought yesterday and a few other notes about recent quarterly reports from stocks I follow, but first … a teaser to solve …

When I wrote about Marc Lichtenfeld’s pitch for “Spread Trusts” yesterday, I promised to also try to take a look at the cancer drug he was touting as one of his add-on ideas. Here’s how he teased it:

“Earn Fat Dividends From the Biggest Cancer Breakthrough in 39 Years

“I spent years as a trader in San Francisco. During that time, I built up my Rolodex with some of the biggest names in tech and biotech.

“I still use those connections to generate countless double- and triple-digit winners for my readers.

“And I’ve just identified the next huge winner. It’s a dividend payer that meets all the criteria of my 10-11-12 System. But it’s also rolling out the most important cancer drug in 39 years, according to my estimates. I can’t give too many details here, but in the most recent quarter, this little-known drug generated $178 million in sales. And I can almost guarantee you haven’t heard of it – yet.

“That’s why the time to get onboard is now…

“I’ll reveal all the details, down to the stock symbol, in another special report called Ea