anybody want to talk about Graphite?

by 4olbear | May 13, 2013 1:35 pm

Sure would like to hear so thoughts on graphite,

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    Larry Griffin
    May 14 2013, 09:22:23 pm

    The census seems to be that there is no immediate plays in Graphite/Graphene. I’ve(Newb here) been looking at this since late last year. A hi-priced newsletter brought Graphene to my attention, IIRC Gumshoe say Focus Graphite (FCSMF). The best plays I’ve found are private, Vorbeck Materials, and (sorry all I remember is a family on the rigth coast). I looked at your symbols, I’m watching AGIN too, GPHOF high production cost come to mind, but

    Fore mention newsletter may have been hoping for a new product using a Graphene display in April, didn’t happen. There is rumor that Samsung had a flexible display at CES last January. I haven’t heard of anybody with hands on. We will have to wait for new Xmas toys for Graphene, if no surprises. I’m watch tablets for Oct. and Linux. When the new product arrives with Graphene, there will be a good pump for all stocks Graphene related, depending on media. I’m also looking for Graphite stocks that involve Cobalt, and Vanadium. Graphene is pretty awesome stuff. I’ve worked Aerospace, and in the Defense Industry this is incredible stuff, Bionic-man not far away.

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      Ole Berentson
      May 14 2013, 11:12:17 pm

      Thanks Larry, I’m looking more strong on AGIN right now. I do like FCSMF out of
      Michigan but sure enough Private, Can’t touch it YET.

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          May 15 2013, 01:24:47 pm

          I tried to buy Graphit one and was told my friends at TRADE KING they
          could not buy it. because of their cost to purchase foreign stock.
          I don’t know but I can’t get it from Tradeking.

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    Larry Hennessy
    May 15 2013, 11:39:04 am

    I do own GRPH and they been holding their own. Up a little then down a little. Not a big winner yet but I feel they will be good in the near future.

    • 3168 |
      Larry Griffin
      May 15 2013, 01:46:02 pm

      Here’s my accumulation of Graphite/Graphene to watch GPHOF, DARDF, ENZR, NGPHF, FLNXF, FCSMF, AGIN, GRPH, CVV, I haven’t researched most of these. Travis has made comments on CVV, and I concur. CVV is interesting it owns a company that has a few patents on Graphene. They also do composites which could be a different play on Graphene. Carbon Fiber Polymer composite is 3.5 times stronger than steel. Graphene is 200 times stronger steel, what’s the strength of composite. Graphene goes in so many directions your not going to be able to track all of it.

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