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by partykkj | May 20, 2013 11:53 am

Frank Curzio
Editor, Phase 1 Investor
​May 2013

ANY IDEA who he’s touting?

A handful of tiny companies are creating the
holy grail of computer technology — an ”app”
for the entire planet. And it’s sparking a
bidding war that could make you rich.

”Every person, place, and thing on this
planet will be connected [to this “app”]
within the next 10 years.”

Dear Reader,

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about ”apps”…

The seemingly endless line of programs you can download to your phone, tablet or PC that allow you to do any number of things – from finding the best Italian food in town, to watching your favorite sports team while away on business, to calculating exactly how much you should tip your waitress.

”There’s an app for that,” has become a part of our national lexicon.

And app designers, and the companies that distribute them, can make boatloads of money, very quickly.

Just look at what happened with the free newsreader app called Summly. A London school boy began developing it at the age of 15. Now 17, he made headlines recently when he sold Summly to Yahoo! for a reported $30 million.

Or Instagram, which was originally developed as an app for sharing photos with friends and family. Created in 2010 by a novice programmer and his friend, Instagram was purchased less than 2 years later by Facebook in a deal worth $1 BILLION.

Bottom line: There’s tremendous money to be made in apps.

But the challenge facing developers is that apps have always been a relatively niche market. They are often targeted to specific groups of people.

Let’s face it: most older folks have no use for an app like Band Name Generator, which as the name suggests, helps you choose a name for your band.

And most teenagers couldn’t care less about apps like MyMedical, which stores your medical information and history, or MedWatcher which delivers safety alerts about drugs and medical devices to your iPhone.

Rarely does a new app become a ”crossover” hit – desired by a large number of people.

And never has there been a truly ubiquitous app.

However, as I write, a new type of ”app” is taking the world by storm. Dubbed ”the ultimate app” by our experts, it could soon become as universal as computers themselves.


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