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By takeprofits, May 2, 2013

Ed. note:   Today we’re experimenting with adding some more voices to the world of Stock Gumshoe to add a different perspective and cover some sectors in more detail.  We’ve asked longtime reader Myron Martin, who spends a lot of time with junior mining stocks and other small caps, to share his perspective with you — if it works out and our readers find it interesting, we’ll keep this as a monthly feature for the Irregulars, so feel free to let us and Myron know what you think with a comment below. Myron has agreed to our trading restrictions (he won’t trade the stocks he mentions for three days), but we have not reviewed, approved or screened his stocks or ideas, and the opinions he expresses are solely his own.

A big hello to all you Gumshoe supporters, where we sort fact from fiction to strike a middle road between wild-eyed enthusiasm and outright cynicism to identify investable markets, hot sectors and promising individual stocks. Many of you will recognize my name (Myron Martin), from regular commenting in Gumshoe over the many years I have been supporting Travis’s efforts to identify the constant barrage of highly hyped promos from a long list of newsletter writers. Due to several lifetime memberships in major newsletter publishing groups, it is a rare week that I don’t send Travis several promos to figure out.

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Travis has asked me to write a monthly column with comments on the markets, political issues that affect them, and stock picks from my broad database that now approaches 400 stocks with investment tips I have learned as a well-seasoned investor in a broad range of markets. I have 15 sector-specific personal portfolios such as base and precious metals, energy, (from oil/gas to uranium, wind/solar and more), agricultural/fertilizer, coal/iron ore, lithium, graphite, rare earths, and critical and specialty metals (a very lucrative but neglected sector), in short, mostly commodities, but I also have a keen  interest in new technologies and emerging markets. In years past I have made very good money using ETF’s (Exchange Traded funds) to target specific countries and specific commodities. A number of years ago my big winners were Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Australia, but like all markets they are cyclical and currently I am looking at the Philippines (iShares MSCI Philippines ETF (ETF/EPHE)) as a buy, Turkey, Thailand, Mexico and Mongolia, the ...

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