written by reader What Stocks Leon Cooperman Just Bought

by tanglewood | May 9, 2013 9:11 pm

Today I watched a CNBC video with famous investor Leon Cooperman as a guest. He was asked ’what is he buying?’. Two of the new names he mentioned were ”Monetize” a mobile wallet company, and ”Technique” an LNG construction company. They didn’t give the stock symbols, so I had to do some gumshoeing to figure them out. One is Monetise on the London exchange (MONI.L 34.14) and the other is a large French company , Technip (TKPPY 27.90). Quotes from Yahoo. Another stock he likes is Facebook (FB 27.04). Right now, the market kind of scares me, so it was interesting to hear someone say ’there is no shortage of cheap stocks’.

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