Updated Personal Top Holdings

I try to share my opinions with readers like you in a variety of different ways, from my notes on each teaser stock I cover to my more thorough looks at “idea of the month” picks or stocks that I buy personally … but investing is a very quantifiable thing, so even though my investment priorities, predilections and peccadillos are almost certain to be quite different from yours, one way I can share my thoughts and convictions is by telling you not just which stocks I find appealing in the abstract but which stocks I’ve actually bought with my own money.

I do that every time I trade, of course — I update the Irregulars whenever there’s a buy or sell in my individual equity portfolio. But that doesn’t tell you which positions are largest or most important to me. So every now and then I update folks with the list of my top positions. This is just my equity holdings, so it doesn’t include warrants or options or mutual funds or other investments (if we included derivatives, Boston Private Financial and Sandstorm Gold would have been on this list). I am not a nimble or active trader, and most positions I buy with the intention of holding them for a very long time.

So that’s the backdrop, and these are my current top ten personal holdings, in order:

Apple (AAP