Sold final positions in ROICW on Wed

by valentinoamoro | June 2, 2013 8:55 pm

With an average gain of 81% I am thrilled as I didnt make the mistake I did with Sandstorm (holding the warrants too long and ultimately breaking even during my final exit a month back and surrending substantial gains).

Like Africa Oil, I made a great profit but definitely nowhere close to the peak with an average selling price of 2.3. I do wish I was more disciplined and solid at 3 like my rules dictate, but I got greedy.

All in all a very very health profit and many thanks to Travis for this great stock. I will look into buy common stock at a later point for the great DIV and even some more warrants if there is a strong correction over the next few weeks in the market. Otherwise I’m mostly done here!

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