by bobbyslim | July 18, 2013 11:33 am

Please reveal Larry Edelson’s 3 millionaire maker gold stocks,.I am one of your favorate people,

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  1. Manny V
    Jul 23 2013, 01:23:08 pm

    I’m also looking for this information. I sat through a 15 minute teaser yesterday but Edelson did not reveal his picks. I can tell you that Barrick Gold and Newcrest Mining are both on his do not touch list. This was surprising to me and certainly worth sitting through the presentation…

  2. Jon Freeman
    Jul 24 2013, 12:23:07 pm

    I am vey interested in Larry Edelson’s info too. I suspect that he may have something between his ears besides hot air, but am not willing to pay that much to find out.

  3. JW
    Jul 27 2013, 11:58:58 am

    I bought GG, ABX in 2011 at the top & still have them less approx. 60%. I am trying to decide whether to add to the positions to bring my cost basis down. They will probably never get back to what I paid for them. Any advice?

  4. JJF
    Jul 27 2013, 12:30:03 pm

    thanks again Gumshoe and hats off to Steve–I am a long time subscriber to REAL WEALTH–however his new service is out of my league

  5. John
    Jul 27 2013, 12:48:51 pm

    Of course you will get your money back. Mind you, the money will receive back will have been affected severely in purchasing power, but, your ‘paper’ dollars are safe, the Fed’s money printing guarantees this. Question to you: Why did you buy gold shares? Leverage? Momentum?

  6. Jacqueline vanOutryve
    Jul 27 2013, 01:09:37 pm

    Thanks, Stephen, for sharing your info. Really appreciate the analytic thinking and clear explanation, which is very helpful to a computer limited oldtimer.

  7. Al
    Jul 27 2013, 01:10:49 pm

    Larry Edelson relies heavily on cycles for his timing. There are many different styles of trading. It seems like a particular style will work very well for a while then all of a sudden it doesn’t work at all. Walter Bressert is another person who relies heavily on cycles for trading. In the 1960’s Walter made what seemed to be outlandish forecasts for commodities. In the 1970’s his forecasts started coming true, and he became a commodity analyst “rock-star” it seemed like everyone was following his recommendations. By approximately 1979-1980 everyone was fading his recommendations, and very few (if any) of his recommendations became profitable. Sometime in the early 1980’s he quit publishing his newsletter: “Hals Commodities”. I just looked up his name and he is still publishing a profit trader:

    I have subscribed to Larry Edelson’s Real Wealth Report for several years. Due to his advice I more than doubled a rather size-able investment (for me anyway) in Silver (SLV), but bailed out about $35, then watched in agony as it went to $48+. Luckily I had the discipline to stay out, encouraged by Larry’s advice, to this day. I did not subscribe to his trading service because I considered it to be expensive and felt a similar thing could happen to him as happened to Walter Bressert. Also, Larry was quite bearish on stocks most of the time (at least it seemed so to me) from about 2010 to the present time; supposedly based on cycles.

  8. Emmanuel Eyssautier
    Jul 27 2013, 03:40:18 pm

    Woahhh Stephen, thank you very much for your info. Great to see people like you with such passion and wanting to help and participate. Thanks again!

    • Michael Hassan
      Jul 28 2013, 05:31:46 pm

      Gold and silver are valuable in several areas: as commodities, (silver has more usages than gold but you wouldn’t know it by the price action), as security to the paper money and as investments (they go up and down and you can profit from those changes). Know why you are investing in them and then stick to it. I hold gold and silver to back the fiat currencies, ( It’s a small amount, 10%) and when all gets right again (debt levels become manageable), I’ll pare that down to 5% or less. Yet I still hope to make money on it since as a trader, you never want to buy somehting and then watch it go down year after year. Since they have a leg in commodity pricing, they should appreciate in value every year but since it is in the gamble called the stock market, it may not. Truly a long term hold and as such, it has a different set of rules than other stuff you can trade in and out of several times a year.

      Don’t put more than 10% of your assets into precious metals, not matter who tells you the world is coming to an end. If you do more than that then you are using gambling tactics. That does not mean if you see facts that suggest to you that the world is, in fact, coming to an end, that you shouldn’t buy more. In that case, act accordingly. Gold and silver just don’t respond rationally, like investments, and so it’s hard to predict their outcome. They are a store of wealth and as such, are not investible items. In other words, these are not good investment vehicles but you need to own them, nonethe less. Presently I own 10% of my investible assets in gold or silver. Once the debt starts to be reduced, I’ll reduce my holdings and hopefully at a gain.

      To summarize, own gold to protect yourself from events that come around once very 100 years. But own it cheaply so in case there’s no problems during your time on earth, you can sell it before your exit and make a little.

  9. otis
    Jul 27 2013, 06:58:26 pm

    I’m new to all of this…currently rolling over $ from employer sponsored 401 to self-directed one. Have done fairly well using Motley and Gumshoe, but entirely mystified by precious metals. Any advice on a good primer?

    • John
      Aug 11 2013, 12:42:52 pm

      1st.Gold, Peace and Prosperity. by Congressman Ron Paul, then read 2nd “What has Government done with our money”. Mises Institute.
      Both are MUST reads.

  10. C
    Jul 28 2013, 10:52:28 am

    I am interested t hear that some of you are still hearing from Larry Edelson…I used to enjoy his weekly market video reports from the UnWise site…he seemed to suddenly disappear!
    I wondered if the Chinese closed in on him after that silly ‘expose’ gimmick he did…maybe Weiss canned him…health issues? How are you getting his work now?

  11. Myron Martin
    Myron Martin
    Jul 28 2013, 11:48:48 am

    Kudos to Steve for a good analysis of the majors prospects. I agree with most, but they are not my primary area of interest. I think the mid tier prospects will offer even better returns per dollar invested, and if the market makes a serious turn around in precious metals this fall then some juniors with proven reserves will have even more spectacular returns, and there will probably be some takeovers at substantial premiums. Take a good look @ TMM and BTO and check my Irregulars column for more, scheduled for Aug. 2nd publication.
    Re Larry Edelson, my experience was similar to that of AL. Had been reading him for years and his premature dire warnings of a market collapse cost me about $10,000. by selling a triple leveraged silver option position way to early when silver was around $33.50. This is the problem I have with “chartists” as opposed to relying on fundamentals. I think Larry’s biggest mistake is setting himself up as a “know it all guru” to be followed exclusively, he has made some good calls, but he has also been way to early on key buy/sell decisions so his guidance has proven to be spotty at best. I guess all that really proves is that you are best off reading a variety of opinions and then making your own balanced decision.

  12. 30
    Cathy Kandravi
    Aug 2 2013, 02:59:59 pm

    GG is tops by far in every size and not to unreasonable to buy and get it out of the groud cost of production uses them for the bell curve and they are smart that they know the did not have to do the others like ABX if they are wrong, why buy ins. unless you know you have an accident coming, there goes your profit, sooner the green paper will loose value but maybe the overhead staying power and the finance people make them , throwing money that is inflating against Gold. Even Sand can ride this out, those are my two a producer that is good at it and a streamer that is getting better. Plus a couple Jrs. but small plays on them, but Gold will go no doubt time is time also Rom getting more sttyf there is more there with time. Could be a year but it could be next week the way the market wheels spin better have some because Ben B. IS GETTING SHAKEY.

  13. Myron Martin
    Myron Martin
    Aug 2 2013, 04:28:14 pm

    If you think Ben Bernanke is “getting shaky” then you would enjoy my “BLOG” GOODBYE & GOOD RIDDANCE on Pinnacle Digest (Google) as “Thinker70” once on site.

    As to Goldcorp, yes probably one of the safest seniors, and Sandstorm has enormous growth potential once the market returns to normal.

  14. Jay Hooper
    Aug 9 2013, 01:09:29 pm

    Kuddos to you Steve for sharing your thorough DD!!! I already own most of the ones you’ve mentioned (both in stock & LEAPS), unfortunately I own them at higher prices. I am waiting to pull the trigger to do some dollar cost averaging, but I think we’re due for one more big sell off in GOLD, once the FED officially begins to taper. After the dust settles from the tapering, then I’m going to be loading up!

  15. Bob Gregg
    Aug 16 2013, 10:37:21 pm

    here is what I understand as Larry Edelson’s top 7 gold stocks in order: GG, AEM, GSS, KGC, AUY, NGD & IAG. Not sure if he is also strong on silver stocks, but presume those to be SLW, SLV. In a recent tease, he also mentioned GDX & GDXJ. Most if not all have been beaten down. He also talks about a bottom in gold occurring around September 26.

  16. 404 |
    Myron Martin, Special to Stock Gumshoe
    Myron Martin, Special to Stock Gumshoe
    Aug 23 2013, 11:36:43 am

    Agree the “next few months will be most interesting” but no need to SHOUT! We get it.

  17. John
    Aug 26 2013, 10:55:59 am

    Has anyone been following the JPM Research on gold trading? They seem to have been making fairly accurate trading calls, and now they are even naming their favorites. Tracking their past couple of years calls, they are more accurate then a lot of the gold-bug newsletters I find. And, please shout!

  18. Eileen
    Dec 6 2017, 07:11:04 pm

    New to this, but after all the analysis mentioned for Weiss Research $3 mining company, what was the group agreement on the stock teaser? Most of what was discussed was not $3/share. Thanks!

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