How can I get 10,000 to 1 leverage Weiss & LArson.

by vennerip | August 22, 2013 3:48 pm

Weiss had this new video it is an interest rate instrument its being pushed with a new service. $100 bucks, no risk and 10,000 to one leverage. What is it? He di give a 1-1, 2-1 and 3-1 leverage ETF in the video. I haven’t figured this out and I wondered if anyone did see this. I belive they are correct in their assumptions.[1]


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  1. Edward S says
    Aug 23 2013, 10:44:29 pm

    I have been following Weiss news letter for 20 years. He has been right on the button, Sometimes it takes a fews years to transpire. He predicted the last 2 market crashes 2 years before it happened. I have also been trying to figure out what this 10,000.00 to 1 leverage could be. I can not find anything, it must have to do with the futures market or the forex market,

  2. 74
    Aug 24 2013, 02:21:32 am

    10,000 to one — thats the rate of return that investors made vs. the performance of Weiss’s “Head in the Sand” approach to investing that we have seen over the years! “Right on the Button,” Edward? Weiss has missed so many opportunities in the Market! Let’s start with the time period from 2009 to NOW! Lets see, that’s over 4 years, and the general market has doubled. Weiss & his croanies have lost their subscribers opportunity as well as big $ with investments like Gold, Silver, Treasuries, Bonds and other negative return (of late) choices.
    Simply buying the SPY or the VTI, and investor could have trounced the Weiss Model. Anyone who can put up a portfolio of Weiss investments that have beaten the Market over the past 4, 6 or even 10 years, please produce it.
    Let’s see proof that Weiss has a track record.

  3. George Venner
    Aug 26 2013, 10:43:38 am

    I have to agree with all of that I see here. We haven’t figured out what the important paper is. I have made money with Larry Edelson and a few out of safe money and some of the other guys but you do have to do your own homework. If its Weiss watchdog rated now that seems to pull out safe investments. I personally Like Martin and his top guys but I wished I didn’t get the spectacular BS and a new service every two weeks like its been recently I just need the idea and the facts to research. In this BS presentation the 3 for 1 etf may be a good play like his gold one but you have to be intouch and pull the plug early to win on these. I did lose my behind on DOG being gready before I learned about the ETF and now I kinda like them. I thank all of you for your replys.

    Aug 26 2013, 11:45:33 am

    Somehow I did not get notified when their short silver position was deep sixed. ARGH
    On a happy note the gold stocks etc have worked out pretty well. Just wish I had gotten an email to get out of the silver short

  5. Mark
    Aug 27 2013, 01:45:48 pm

    It must be an option on a levereged interest rate Etf, or a Powerball ticket.I can’t find either one at that price. Travis a little help here, put the think-o-lator to work on this.

  6. Jim
    Sep 13 2013, 12:06:44 pm

    The way Mike Larson handled this offering was not very customer friendly. He put a short
    term deadline on becoming a charter member (the first 1,000 to sign up at a mere $4197)
    I was so stressed out about putting up that much money that I let the deadline go by to
    take the pressure off but that doesn’t even help because
    he keeps bombarding me with multiple emails per day, sort of rubbing it in that I cannot
    afford the service. This after I already committed most of my funds to a precious metals
    trade that Larson’s associate proposed months ago.

  7. Scott Fulrath
    Sep 18 2013, 08:56:47 pm

    Without having to watch it again, did anyone catch the 3 ETFs mentioned?

    I might have paid a couple of hundred for the opportunity, but 4 grand???!!

  8. 28
    Feb 21 2014, 07:23:58 pm

    I can’t seem to get a handle of sbotf. Appears to be a great concept, but they just don’t
    appear to be able to get going in terms of closing deals or making money. I can’t find
    an objective (recent) analysis of the company. As we all know, it was heavily hyped in August 2013 (and possibly before), but the stock is down which sems to indicate that the market in general just isn’t buying the story. I’d greatly appreciate any input.

    David Cannon

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