written by reader Great Expectatons: Upcoming Stellar Biotech Conference Presentation

By xiexgp@gmail.com, September 7, 2013

Hello again, all fellow Gumshoers. The Blind Squirrel here. Although I know there are many of you who already understand what I’d like to comment on, I have noticed some recent posts where folks are honest enough to identify themselves as new to this game of investing, especially the part involving microcap up-and-comers like Stellar Biotechnologies (SBOTF). Disclaimer: I am long SBOTF and have an outstanding GTC buy order at below current market price so I may be adding to this position at any time if the market dictates.
There has been a fair number of comments regarding the upcoming presentation that SBOTF executives and officers will be giving on Monday. During my career as a Financial Advisor I attended a handful of these conferences and would like to share a few thoughts about what we, as stakeholders or potential ones, could realistically expect to happen. These are simply my observations from past experience and may or may not prove applicable in this instance – but I believe there is a very good chance they will. So, in order to add some realism in the comments about the Great Expectations it seems some of us have about what is going to happen, here’s my thoughts.
These conference presentations aren’t designed for major news announcements. A few comments I’ve seen from members here seem to indicate they think this might happen. It probably won’t. The SEC regulates how and when a company can make those kind of market-moving comments, and the middle of a trading day isn’t one of those times. Gives too much advantage to people that hear it at the time when most aren’t tuned in. That’s why announcements come before the market opens or, most usually, after it closes. So don’t disappoint yourself – nothing of the sort is likely to happen.
These presentations are given to INFORM interested parties of what a company is all about, what it does, and how things are developing. Simply put, it’s PUBLICITY a company seeks and gets here. And as P.T. Barnum said, ”any publicity is good publicity.” If you don’t believe him, ask the Kardashians. As horrible as the things they create for publicity’s sake are, all put money in their banks.
So please view it for what it is. An indicator of any immediate boost would perhaps be the end-of-day trading volume for SBOTF or perhaps that of Tuesday. Be sure to go to their website after the presentation is over and watch it for yourself. They will post it for us, but they didn’t say exactly when. I imagine pretty quickly, though. It’ll be good for all of us to hear.
That’s it. Just wanted to tone down a notch the noise about what is in store. It’ll be helpful, but not monumental. Just another step up in the promotion of the company which can lead to bigger and better things.
Jim Skelton
The Blind Squirrel

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