Suggestions for trailing stop alert tools

by cunningham55 | September 23, 2013 9:39 am

I am a relatively new Gumshoe Irregular although I have been investing in stocks for a few years. I must say the level of informed comment on this site is a breath a fresh air.
I live in the UK and use iii and h-l for my ISAs and SIPP respectively – I’m managing my own investments. I use advfn for monitoring the stocks the other 2 can’t reach. But none of these services give a trailing stop alert service. Advfn does have one, but the prices reset every day, which is not much good when wanting to track a historical trend. I came across, which seems to provide exactly what I’m looking for. At $149/year it seems reasonable value, especially compared with what it could save me by selling a falling stock.

Has anyone got experience of or can suggest alternatives?

Feedback much appreciated.


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    stock market scorecards review
    Sep 28 2013, 04:08:14 am

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    Jaro Jaroslaw Weronski
    Aug 10 2014, 09:13:45 am

    Hello, Michael,

    I got in TradeStops for $119/year initially. Now I’m faced with annual renewal $299 fee. Seems steep to me considering my trading activity so I’m looking around for a comparable product at a reasonable price.

    Let me know whether you’ve come across a similar service.



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