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By takeprofits, September 15, 2013

Ed. note: Today we have another piece from Myron Martin, who writes for us primarily about junior miners. He has agreed to our trading restrictions, and, as usual, we have not reviewed, approved or screened his stocks or ideas, and the opinions he expresses are solely his own.  Myron’s past commentaries can be seen here.

There is an excellent video to watch concerning the theme of silver as a timely investment, here.

Warren Buffett is known in investment circles as one of the smartest, most successful investors of the past few decades, and many people try to emulate his success by investing alongside his highly publicized investments for his Berkshire Hathaway fund. Could they be barking up the wrong tree? Recent interviews suggest that Mr. Buffett laments that due to the size of the Berkshire fund he can no longer make the most profitable investments that launched his career. That’s right, he has spilled the beans that he wishes he could still invest in small caps to achieve 50% or better yearly returns as I have been doing using a similar strategy.

While the following is a promo I will share because it tells the story firsthand, I want to emphasize that I am not endorsing the software being touted because I have not tried it, and further I believe I am already able to pick the stocks that have that doubling or better potential in my chosen sector of stocks, junior miners. Like most promos it sounds very appealing, as can’t-lose type of  “must have” assistance, but biting on too many can also cause you to spend yourself into the poor house. I do think watching the first half of the video could be worthwhile toward helping your understanding the concept of why “buy and hold” is dead, and trading small caps is a more profitable pursuit.

The promo is here.

Also check out this one on why remembering 9/11 is important.

Another essay worth reading is “Making The World Safe For Bankers,” difficult as it may be to believe the reality it portrays, and just how evil some of our leaders actually are.

If I give you a good stock pick that makes you money, then by analogy I have “fed you for a day,” on the other hand, if I can teach you how to be a better investor, then I am “feeding you for a lifetime” as ...

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