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by baygreen | October 31, 2013 3:16 pm

Travis this is not a political thing but the EHTH E HEALTH has been on a tear from this Obama Care , it turned a twenty$ Bill into double and was just wondering what all the irregulars if if anyone got on that ride and do you think along with the thinkalater than it’s running days still have legs or if the winter tech . might slow it down. Kind of something to watch but it is turning a buck just a thought I lean no just thought it shows 101.5 institution owned shouldn’t that be a little hard to do . That was from there site. but something is not right. Not really a discussion more of what do you think how that 100 owned and 101.5 institution owned. Thanks, hope not to far out there but i would not have minded having 500 or 1000 shares a couple months ago.

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