written by reader Thoughts from Myron—October is Prospect Generator Month

By takeprofits, October 18, 2013

Ed. note: Here is our latest contribution from Myron Martin, who writes for us primarily about junior miners. He has agreed to our trading restrictions, and, as usual, we have not reviewed, approved or screened his stocks or ideas, and the opinions he expresses are solely his own.  Many of the stocks Myron covers are microcap “penny stocks” that can move dramatically with or without fundamental reasons, so please be cautious. Myron’s past commentaries can be seen here.

Things are really starting to heat up and get interesting in the precious metals markets, and one of the most insightful views is from James Rickards, who has just written a new book on how things are likely to play out.

An interesting interview with billionaire Eric Sprott indicates that a financial reckoning day draws ever closer. Sprott is not the only wealthy Canadian who understands the box canyon the U.S. has been driven into by its ruling elite. Ned Goodman also calls a spade a spade.

For those of you who are not up to speed on charges of “manipulation” by the bullion banks (led by JP Morgan) this interview on the Max Keiser Report with Andrew Maguire, the British “whistle blower” who submitted evidence to the CFTC that played out exactly as predicted, will probably be quite shocking, as former JP Morgan employees have come forward and corroborated the story of financial shenanigans that is hurting us all. If ever there was a “must listen” video, this Andrew Maguire interview is it. Share it with everyone you know. Only public exposure of sufficient magnitude can put an end to this criminality.

Google “is JP Morgan a criminal enterprise” and you will get 10 pages of results. Here is only one of many responses.

More essential facts on the global economy from Britain can be found here. I hope you are archiving these resources!

One source to take care of a physical bullion allocation I feel confident in endorsing is the Hard Asset Alliance, which offers a wide range of services and purchase/storage advice, and most intriguingly, offers credit-card size 50 gram gold sheets that can be broken into “bite size pieces” of a current approximate value of $40.00, for use in emergencies should our electrical grid go down, etc. It is certainly worth checking out. This is the cleverest way to conveniently store “purchasing power” that gives you both long term value preservation and convenient spendable emergency currency.


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