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By xiexgp@gmail.com, December 2, 2013

If any gumshoe-ers are interested in investing in a company that believes our food shouldn’t be genetically modified, and is getting it out to their customers cheaper than any other company out there, the good folks at GreenPolkaDotBox.com are offering a chance to get involved financially at the near beginning of what could be a great ride.
I was introduced to the company from a woman on a vaccination board I’m a member of. They were selling club memberships for $50 a year guaranteeing the finest NON-GMO food at the best prices. She gave me a guest membership. (I may have 1 or 2 to give out to interested gumshoe members into nonGMO foods) I placed a few orders and was very impressed with the packaging (items arrive in a big {you guessed it} green polka dot box), as well as the pricing. Shipments took a bit to get to you, they processed only once a week back then, from their only distribution location, but I was in no big hurry, would just order in advance. They’ve had their growing pains…. Had to stop shipping refrigerated and frozen food to the east coast due to time cost constraints (sometimes the food got there and was barely frozen anymore, and it cost the company twice as much to ship fast cross country), and based on the last conference call I listened in on, they were down to a few bucks a few years ago. In an attempt to raise money to expand, they started to offer special memberships to their customers. The first one was a founding membership that cost $2000 but came with many benefits. They followed that with another special membership called the Charter Membership for $1000, also laden with benefits. I decided to dip my feet into a Charter Membership. It granted me a few gift memberships each year, and gave me a bunch of ‘polkadot’ points to spend as cash, and if I agreed not to spend them all at once, and spread them out over 15 months, they sent me a bunch more points to spend. A while back, the owner outlined his expansion plans and said they needed to shore up the bottom line a bit to interest the big boys, so they sadly ended the Polkadot points program, and instead are converting the unspent points into common shares in the company. My points entitled me to 489 shares.
My experience with the company, led me to get involved in an offering last year. Minimum investment was $20,000.
Why did I plop down $21000? Because the owner, Rod Smith, kept you up to date with videos in which he just came across as an honest man, a good person, with a great vision. That’s half the battle to me, finding an owner who believes in his company and doesn’t intend to use it as a means to enrich himself at the stockholders expense. That said, being a good and honest person doesn’t guarantee business success in any way shape or form, so please do your own due diligence on this before you ‘plop’ down any money. But plop down money you will shortly be able to do, as they are about to make 2 different offerings, one to accredited investors with $30,000 minimum investment, and another in a $1000 minimum crowd-funding deal. I’ll try to post a link at the end of this article that will direct you to a site explaining the new investment opportunities, as well as detail the company’s vision. It’s refreshing to hear an owner with such conviction, tenacity, honesty and passion.
Current exiting updates from the company:
The company is in talks with 2 large companies with a total of 10 million customers, to offer the entire line of GPDB products, re-branded as a distributer, so this could very quickly catapult the company stardom.
They’re also in talks with big investment companies and plan to hit hard on advertising in the coming months.
They recently announced the purchase of Living Produce Growing centers using state of the art, indoor aeroponic growing rooms, able to grow non gmo seeds without getting cross pollinated with whatever is blowing in the wind from the nearby farm. They plan to deliver the freshest organic produce, delivered quickly.
They are also planning on building 2 more distribution centers, one in the NY/NJ area, to finally be able to offer their refrigerated and frozen foods, including grass fed beef, to the east coast.
Here is a link to the company’s information and stock offerings on fundable.com. Go thru it and let me know if anyone else in stockgumshoe-land is as excited as I am of their prospects and gets the same warm and fuzzy feeling I have about its owner Rod Smith.
Happy Gumshoe Hunting all!

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