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by have88keys | December 23, 2013 10:05 am

Brand new irregular. In looking at the portfolios from the stock teasers that gumshoe decodes, it looks like most of these stocks make a profit. Has anyone been trading them for a period of time and do you recommend getting into a position that has been gumshoed? I’m not sure I’m reading the portfolios correctly.


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    Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
    Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
    Dec 23 2013, 10:07:30 am

    Hi Lillian,

    The tracking spreadsheets are not really portfolios, they just follow which stocks are teased and what the price change has been on the most basic basis — they are simple return calculations, so not annualized or compared to a benchmark. In years like this, when the stock market has had a huge bull run, the majority of teaser picks are usually good ones … in weaker years we’ve often found that 2/3 of stocks or more that are teased end up losing money.

  2. 234 |
    Dec 23 2013, 03:21:53 pm

    since we are on the subject…….. long time member from way back under a different name and came back this year to trading. Is there a specific place that we can place teases that we receive emailed to share and then decipher if they are new/old/different etc? CLIR was a great example, been in his folio for two years almost and then decides to put out a video on it. Low 6’s to high 10’s today. Finding this site rather difficult to navigate but maybe that is just my old age 🙂

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