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by jbnaples | December 23, 2013 10:01 am

Travis and all others,
I’ve been looking for a good entry point in SDRL now that we’re in the 30’s again and I was researching North Atlantic Drilling (NATDF).
SDRL owns 70% of NATDF (just recently). NATDF also pays a 9+% divvy and is priced under $10.00. They only have a few rigs with a couple more being built.
I’m not sure how many rigs SDRL had back when their share price was under $10.
Travis, I know SDRL was your first Idea of the month years ago. I’m just wondering if you think NATDF is an early SDRL especially now that SDRL owns 70% and certainly has the backlog to support and help grow NATDF. Another positive (I think) is NATDF has filed for an up listing to the NYSE and is expected to be up listed 1q 2014 which should bring some additional buyers looking for div. and growth but can’t buy OTC or pink sheet stocks.
I would appreciate some wisdom from those that have been around for a while and are familiar with these companies. Thanks in advance for your comments and Happy Holiday’s. Jennifer

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