Annual Review — Watchlist

Checking in on more of our Irregulars stocks, and one personal sell

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, January 31, 2014

Just as I catch up on some of the favorite stocks in the Gumshoe universe at least once each year, so too I need to check in with all of our watchlist companies — but first, a trade to note for you:

Among the non-watchlist stocks that I own or have covered recently, I’m tempted to buy more Apple with it getting under $500 again, even though it’s already one of my top couple holdings, and also tempted to buy Invensense (INVN) personally after the price dropped on a weak quarter. But the trade I did make today is that I just sold my shares of Americas Petrogas (BOE.V, APEOF) on a stop loss order — that was one that I had speculated on based on the possibility that the Vaca Muerta shale in Argentina would inspire the big players to throw some money at them, given the somewhat more outsider-friendly talk coming out of the Argentinean government … but with the country trending down again the fears of government seizures or rule changes have hit and perhaps scared off dealmakers. I have never been committed to the stock for real fundamental reasons, it was just a speculation that the sentiment was turning and a big deal might get done as they were shopping themselves, but without any other information to rely on the price is telling me to get out of the speculation at a small loss.

And now, on to updated thoughts on some of our watchlist companies (in alphabetical order):

C&J Energy Services (CJES) — It was clearly a good idea to drop Canyon Services last year and look at C&J instead, largely because C&J was cheaper and was more broadly focused on well services and not just on the