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By baygreen, January 11, 2014

I was in Sand before it was Sand probably like you , but I did take some profits off the board , got lucky I guess and now listening to you I get like yes not if but when Gold turns the corner it will run, but I was lucky to be around even cause I took some off, I thought I was stupid then but my pa said get it back when you can and get on there clock, which is why I am just sitting till the moon falls now, but I think and now even think shorter because they have printed so much that Gold and Silver and some REE’S are gonna come back , it is like they would have to break the history books, time is time, so I changed my Gold attitude and have been selling some puts on mid size gold who look good if the corner makes a turn which it will but when, who know. I sold some puts on ANV about five months ago just got 5k shares and took in a little bit more than 5k$ WITH THE PREMIUM AND IT WAS THE 5$ DOLLAR PUTS Jan so I am going to own a lot to me anyway of ANV cause they will not hit the 5$, SO I AM GONNA AFTER THE 5K I TOOK UPFRONT have to buy the ANV next week and when I looked at it I will be in ANV FOR ABOUT 3.30 A SHARE AND THEY JUMPED THE OTHER DAY ON THE EARNINGS SO IF I AM PATIENT I think in the long run they will climb the hill when gold changes might be years but I have been out to that site they are in the game and now I was looking at others that I think they have some value and are cheap and it looks to me that IAG is a bargain to maybe and was thinking of keeping my SAND and ANV AND MAYBE GET SOME IAG BECAUSE THEY LOOK UNDERVALUED AND WHAT THE HECK THE BANKS DON’T PAY NOTHING, BUT I THINK THERE ARE SOME GOLD and Silver MINES that the price is right and it might drop some but if I got time I think there are some winners on selling puts if the mines stay alive. I have GG and sold some to get out so I am on the dime or close and they know how to play I think, so I am going to hold what I have left and if any irregulars get some mines that are gonna be there through high water or whatever I think you can’t go wrong if you get in some Mines cheap that have stayed this long and when it changes and I believe it will in a year or two or sooner let me know, I think being in some Gold stocks cheap will come back , like who ever says when there is blood in the streets , I think Sand ANV and IAG AND A COUPLE MORE THAT HAVE HAD STAYING POWER COULD GET A BUNCH BACK. THEY HAVE PRINTED TO MUCH CASH, ANY IRREGULARS THINK OF SOME DEALS ON SELLING PUTS I DON’T MIND HOLDING GOOD Gold or Silver or even some others if the mine looks and has the staying power for a while. I would not mind seeing some 10 baggers from holding some cheap selling puts , SLW ,SAND, ANV, IAG, PPP, and others will go again when they run out of trees and ink. It is not like buying 100$ a share and praying when it is only time and a few dollars a share , the big boys are buying it slowly little by little that means something or I will loose a little but could get a lot. Travis those old guys out in the field for Sand might get older but that Golds not gonna melt. Happy trails all at least I hope so. Gotta get it for China does. Brent Cook ain’t no spring chicken good old hands been in them mountains a long time they wanna go back.

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