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By samdeleon1, February 7, 2014

Dear Oxford Communiqué Reader,

Right now, 1.5 million Americans suffer from one of the deadliest diseases you can have – aortic stenosis, a painful closing down of the aortic valve.

About 250,000 people a year experience the excruciating symptoms…

Exhaustion… dizziness… fainting… stroke… heart failure… and sudden death.

Left untreated, aortic stenosis, or AS, has a mortality rate significantly higher than do metastasized lung, breast, prostate, colorectal and ovarian cancers.

And though largely unrecognized by the public, AS is reaching worldwide epidemic proportions taking down millions of victims…

The problem is… until now… inoperable AS was a death sentence.

Dr. Costa of University Hospitals Case Medical in Cleveland notes: “Half of all patients will die within two years after symptoms first appear.”
But This Is All About to Change… Radically
One small company has patented a scientifically proven new breakthrough that is the first and only way to cure inoperable aortic stenosis… and cure it completely.

More than likely, you’ve never heard of this firm or invested in it.

But this breakthrough has already enabled doctors to treat 50,000 patients who would otherwise have died.

Some of these patients have even lived past the age of 100!

And with the number of new, critically ill patients with inoperable AS set to grow by 80,000 people a year… the sheer amount of money to be made is staggering.

Our analysts expect potential windfall revenue from this breakthrough to reach $2 billion a year – enough to instantly double the company’s current revenue.

And send the stock price straight up.

Alexander Green, The Oxford Club’s Chief Investment Strategist, has studied this company in depth and thinks the stock is an easy triple (200%) in the next 17 months. And will then keep going.

Here’s why…
A Decisive “First Mover Advantage”
This breakthrough cure is the “first mover” in this market…

It is the only one approved for the U.S…

And it’s without peer or real competitor in the rest of the world.

It just conquered Japan – the world’s second-largest healthcare market – with approval for reimbursement (at $46,000 a pop) from Japan’s equivalent of Medicare.

And in Europe, a government order handed it a virtual monopoly on marketing and profit from this product.

So here’s the thing…

A medical device maker that launches a successful product first almost always leads the market forever.

Even when competitors enter the fray, the biggest winnings go to the “first mover.”

One cardiologist with extensive business experience running small to medium-sized companies and 30 years of investing experience explains why….

“Being a ’first mover’ means surgeons get used to working with your product and don’t like to change. They know how your product feels in their hands and how it moves. And they like to stay with what they know they can depend on. And once a medical device is approved, new, improved versions can be introduced without having to go through additional trials.”

In short, once a medical device manufacturer gets a jump on the competition… It’s almost guaranteed to stay out in front.

And that’s what this obscure little company has done this time… and many times over again with its other products.
It Saves Lives… It Saves Portfolios
As the doctor notes, “Though not well known by the public, this firm has a long history of innovation that gives it more than one ‘first mover’ product.”

By constantly introducing new, innovative and necessary products, the company has returned, on average, 17% per year over the past 13 years – including a 20% rise in 2008 when the rest of the market dropped by half.

This is a 60-point difference in THE toughest market in the last 50 years.

Investors in this company profited from an enviable 20% gain in a year while everyone else lost his shirt… fast.

But this is still only one of the reasons why Alex thinks investors could make an easy 200-plus percent gain over the next 17 months. There are 54,949 others…
Turned $3,493 Into $54,949
You see, the last time Alex recommended a stock almost identical to this one – also a medical device manufacturer…

He told a small group of investors and market watchers about the company and its prospects in a detailed report just like the one I’m ready to send you….

He detailed every single reason why any sane, right-thinking investor should snap up the stock right then and there… including its then-incredibly cheap price.

And he finished his bravura performance with this summary: “Folks, this is a growth stock on steroids.”

And yet human nature being what it is, most readers likely shrugged it off. Others called it “impossible hype.” No stock could possibly be that good and that cheap.

But the company took off exactly as Alex predicted it would. Take a look…

While the broad market flat-lined, this rocket shot past the moon and kept going.

Readers who took one fork in the road missed out on this entirely. Those who took the fork Alex was recommending had the chance to make out like bandits.

The difference this one choice made was astounding. Just to give you an idea…

If you had purchased just 100 shares (for $3,493) when Alex recommended it, and held them until earlier this year, your money would have grown to a whopping $54,949.
That’s a Gain of 1,531.66%
Not bad for just a couple of clicks of a mouse.

And this new company is almost a “clone” of the earlier one in all the ways important to investors. The parallels are uncanny…

Both companies are in the medical device field.
Both are offering breakthrough products.
Both have monopolies in their market niches.
Both have products that surgeons, patients and insurance companies love.
Both eliminate the need for open-body surgery and slash costs and risk.
Both profit from mushrooming markets demanding their products.
Both have sales and earnings figures going straight up.
But Alex thinks this new company is going to do even better than the first one.

And the company’s management seems to agree. In recent months, three directors scooped up $657,250 worth of shares.
We Invite You to Take a Closer Look
This company’s tiny device is the one and only way to cure the inoperable aortic stenosis plaguing millions of people worldwide.

It’s already reducing mortality by huge margins.

It’s the only option for inoperable AS sufferers…

It’s more cost-effective for high-risk patients…

Recovery time is measured in days instead of months…

And this is the one and only company with a patent on this cure and a hold on the loyalty of legions of cardiologists around the world.

As the world’s population ages, doctors, patients, insurance companies and Medicare will be turning to the one and only proven cure for this deadly disease.

“In my 34-year history as an investor and former investment advisor, I have never followed a stock-picker with a better track record than Alex Green.”
– Michael Cunningham
Alex has a written a detailed report on this firm with the first cure for inoperable aortic stenosis and many other severe heart ailments.

Your copy of this report – How One Company’s ”First Mover Advantage” Could Increase Shares 200% in the Next 17 Months – is waiting for you.

We’re ready to rush it to you when you accept our invitation to raise your status within The Oxford Club to the next level – a lifetime membership called the Director’s Circle.

Alex’s report on this pioneering company will give you a good introduction to the high-level recommendations you’ll receive regularly at this level.

You see, as a Director’s Circle Member, you’ll be taking…
The Big Next Step Toward Achieving Your
Financial Goals
When you take this step, you immediately start getting a steady stream of high profit potential recommendations from your favorite editors – like the remarkable pick from Alex Green you’ve just seen…

You save money on everything The Oxford Club offers, and you take the next big step toward achieving your financial goals.

And since being a Director’s Circle Member is for life, you can count on these benefits for as long as you want…

When you first joined The Oxford Club, you took a concrete step toward achieving financial freedom. Consider these facts:

From 2002 to 2012, The Oxford Communiqué has outperformed the S&P 500… the New York Stock Exchange Composite Index… and the Dow more than two times over.
Our recommended portfolio has an average gain of 65% per open position.
And we’ve hit highs like 291% in Discovery Communications… 159% in McKesson Corp… 131% in Union Pacific… 194% in Philip Morris Int’l… 135% in ITC Holdings Inc… and 183% in Diageo plc (gains as of 11/18/13).

I hope you’ve been able to profit from some of these gains and are now ready to take the next step toward reaching your financial goals…
Take Your Wealth to the Next Level
We call this next step the Director’s Circle.

This elite status within the Club gives you the opportunity to enjoy even more benefits and for less money. And we add new “perks” every year.

Here are the highlights…

All of our monthly and weekly advisories… free for life. You get The Oxford Communiqué, Investment U Plus and The Oxford Income Letter – free for as long as you wish to receive them.

Our blueprint for building generational wealth… free. Traditions of Wealth is a master plan of 16 principles designed to help you achieve greater financial success. It’s exclusively for Director’s Circle Members.

Big discounts on all VIP research services – If you’re interested in scoring higher returns, your new status gives you discounts on a full array of VIP trading research services. Each VIP exploits a different strategy or a unique set of opportunities in a market niche. And you can test these services out for a fraction of the hundreds or even thousands of dollars others pay.

Invitations to exclusive events – You get exclusive invitations to private events with front-row access to our editors and investment experts… and their latest research.

And all this is in addition to Alex’s report that could enable you to more than triple your money in the coming months.

A direct link to your copy of How One Company’s “First Mover Advantage” Could Increase Shares 200% in the Next 17 Months will be emailed to you when you accept now.

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6 years ago

So what is the name of this company?

👍 1
6 years ago

So what is the answer here? Which stock?

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6 years ago
Reply to  ST

I believe this must be MDT – Medtronic.
Can anyone confirm?

6 years ago

or Edwards Lifesciences- EW

Jim Mac
Jim Mac
6 years ago
Reply to  Theresa

This is Edwards Life Science. They were first with FDA approval and have been evaluated as Better than Medtronic. Oxfords, Green called this company a “First Mover” so it is EW. The problem is Medtronic has far more “leverage” with cardiac surgeons so the battle isn’t decided yet as to whose product will be the big winner

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