written by reader Cameron Parish

by dfishmon58 | February 5, 2014 8:54 am


What have you heard about this super secret Cameron Parish project relating to natural gas that will allow the monetization of Nat Gas currently being burned off.WITHOUT having to build expensive pipelines…
WITHOUT having to build a processing plant…
WITHOUT having to spend ANY money on infrastructure…
Well, it’s now possible thanks to a revolutionary technology.
This has nothing to do with fracking or drillingThe article is being teased by Sarah Nunnally and her new Macro Money strategist. It suggests it could produce five figure income I believe qrtly. for the next 20 years. Are you familiar with this particular teaser. For my own peace of mind I certainly hope you can find something. She alludes to two companies that have exportation contracts that will begin in 2015 and the only two I can think of with the gov. blessing is Dominion out of the Chesapeake Bay and LNG down in Louisiana I believe. Any insight you could shed would be greatly appreciated.

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