written by reader GEEEEES! What’s it going to be: Buy Gold/Not Buy Gold

By flynavy, February 4, 2014

Any other irregular boardering on ”Crazy” after reading a number of
different teasers and then predictions from ”Reported Authorities” for the correct action to take on gold.
Between S & A’s Sjuggerud; Louis James Senior Metals Investment Strategist, Casey Research; Jeff Clark’s teaser for his prediction report which you can subscribe to for $3,000.00; Jim Nabers on buying Gold and Staching it for you (some where in the world) etc. etc. There are more buy pushers!
Then Harry D is looking to write on ”the potential final sell signal for gold and silver”.
What’s is GumShoe take toward the ”going on” with GOLD and precious metals?
I am flurting to get into the Gold market but something (&%#%_&)
is holding back my action to do so.
Travis, you or any of the Irregulars have some fundamental take on the physical Gold and Silver movements (discounting the hype) in the near future through summer 2014.
Fly Navy

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February 13, 2014 9:45 pm


Just to let you know you are certainly not alone in your quandry. I’s say everyone, except the manipulators (gov/banks/lbma/comex), and perhaps even them, are in the same spot. My personal feeling is, something has to give either during the first, or certainly by the second fiscal quarter this year, and perhaps continuing for another 12-18 months before we stabilize at much higher values for all metals and def pm’s. I base this on the realities of current pricing vs the cog. All the austerity measures in the world can only bring costs down just so much, before the materials just can not be mined. Add to that the need for profit from the mines themselves and all the additional markets, and it makes no sense. Plus the obvious smash controlling going on, just can’t be sustained. I really wish all those folks who “parked” their physical gold with banks etc, would ask for it to be delivered – immediately. My bet is if a run is made on physical PM’s, the gov might even step in and start confiscating (my word not theirs, they probably will say – Hey here is the money it is worth in dollar bills – which they print). Ohh boy would that be an alarm clock for the sleepers. Bottomline, for me personally, I am going mid-term to long in PM’s heavily (physical, junior and mid-level miners, and streamers,) and hoping I can ride it out to proper fruition.

A recent article here, clipped from a post by Myron) kinda puts it into a few paragraphs and charts: http://www.mauldineconomics.com/ttmygh/what-if

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February 13, 2014 9:52 pm
Reply to  meassassin

Ref my above post, that link was provided by shawn heneghan, in an article titled : “Will FT-900 Bring about the “next 9/11″ in April, 2014? What is Jeff Opdyke talking about?”

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