written by reader Thoughts from Myron — Spring Focus on Agricultural Stocks

By takeprofits, March 31, 2014

[Ed Note: Our latest article by junior miner man Myron Martin follows. He has agreed to our trading restrictions, and we have not reviewed, approved or screened his stocks or ideas, and the opinions he expresses are solely his own.  Many of the stocks Myron covers are microcap “penny stocks” that can move dramatically with or without fundamental reasons, so please be cautious. Myron’s past commentaries can be seen here.]

I am beginning to understand why Travis enjoys the “teasers” so much since they go to such great pains to build up the value and tend to make outrageous claims to get you to try their newsletters. In this case, Mitchell Clark and his Micro Cap Reporter (published by Lombardi Publishing, founded by Michael Lombardi, who has a pretty good track record of predicting market turns) takes the spotlight on the Lombardi stage. I have subscribed to Micro Cap Reporter in years past and did make some money on a few Chinese stocks, but in general found more repetition of stocks that were not doing anything, rather than anything new or exciting. Certainly it did not live up to my expectations. Anyway here is how Mitchell Clark begins his tease:

“’I Haven’t Seen a Set-Up This Good in Five Years!’

Unfairly Punished Stock Could Pop 1,295%

Collapse of a Government-Sanctioned Cartel could turn every $2,500 invested into more money most people make working one year full-time in America!

Dear Friend:

One of the world’s largest, most powerful cartels has just been put down.

And the resulting aftermath has caused some of the most volatile price swings in the history of the industry…

More importantly, it has opened the doors for some truly remarkable gains…with minimal effort.”

As soon as I heard the word “cartel” my nose began to twitch and I was certain this had to be the recent breakup of the potash cartel, confirmed by a later reference to “three countries” with marketing boards for the product.

That part was not hard to identify, but what was the specific company Mitchell was so convinced would “pop 1295%”? I have always wondered how they come up with these inflammatory numbers, or is that just an upper limit?

Since I have a number of potash stocks in my agriculture portfolio I reluctantly woke the mini-sleuther from his nap and sent him down the rabbit hole to see what the clues would reveal. Here is the ...

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