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By futurestrader, April 21, 2014

Hi there, i am new to Gumshoe and excited to share experiences and hopefully make some money!

I have been a free subscriber to Mauldin Economics OTB and his other free publications for about 7 years. I have always found him an interesting read.

During 2011 I started to see more and more promoting by him of other services and experts, so I bit the bullet and in Jan 2012 subscribed to Casey’s Big Gold for $79.
After studying their portfolio and without trading for the first 12 months (partly due to red tape of setting up a Broker’s account but also wanting to gauge their performance) I could see that most of their picks were off side (naturally due to the world wide sell off?). I thought I could take advantage of this and get in at low prices and I started to trade in May 2013. Surely a no lose situation I thought. I made a little here and there and for $79 annually what did I want?!

(BTW I set aside a certain $ amount of my portfolio to trade all these recs with a ratio of 2% of the total account for each rec and 20% of the total amount to spread over the “dead certs”).

In March 2013 I subscribed to Mauldins World Money Analyst for $174 and then Bull Eye Investor for $199 in June 2013 (I think Grant Williams comes over very well in his interviews) and his past portfolio shows some good returns.

Casey Research kept pumping the ”New Bakken” and after researching what a Bakken was (!) I thought ”ill have some of that” and for $749 I subscribed to the New Bakken (PRD Energy) and got Casey Energy Report for free (our vice versa!). I immediately pulled the trigger on PRD (dead cert) and yep I bought at the high of $1.40 and it has only gone down since flirting around $1.00.

For $99 I bought ”Crisis Investing in Cyprus” which I have got to say is an excellent report. Can’t complain. Haven’t pulled the trigger because the Brokers who offer Cyprus have a terrible customer service and I just never followed through. I couldn’t tell you if any of the recommendations have made money.

Finally I subscribed to Big Tech in Nov 2013 for $99.

I gave all these subscriptions the benefit of the doubt –some were up, some were flat, some were down. The PRD trade due to its size is the worst in % and $ terms.

It wasn’t until I was reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, (excellent book by the way) when their “Personal Mentor” department approached me by phone, that I smelt something fishy with them (another story another post). This sparked something in my head and led me to research the Casey guys in Jan 2014 and there it was…..Pump and Dump. SOB’s I thought! But I then realized all the companies they recommend are real (I think?). Why should I expect to have first bite of the cherry when it’s obvious they are just doing the same as a Merryl Lynch or a Goldman Sachs – they all pump up their portfolios. Its just the guys like Casey are more calculating (or not as the case may be!!).

This is when I realized why I never got a reply from Casey when I asked them why PRD was originally recommended at 0.50 and still recommended to me at 3 times that. Also why I was missing out on bids only a few hours after receiving the monthly updates from them.
Also it always niggled me that Marin Katusa was a right pompous, thought he was the greatest thing since sliced bread, pr**k. He is so far up Doug Casey’s ar*e its concerning.
In hindsight, the vocabulary in the monthly reports was just not right imo. (albeit extremely thorough in their analysis)

I’ve spent the past month looking at the graphs of my investments thru my subscriptions and I can see a P&D pattern on say 50% of them. On others there is just no sign of them ever using a stop. Hell they are still recommending Holds on recs from years ago which are way offside.
There is also a connection between the portfolios of Mauldin and Casey.

I’ve started to exit some of the profitable recs at 20-30% profits (I’m not waiting for Casey to dump and I’m not waiting for the market “to turn” to see a “10 bagger” as Marin keeps chatting about).
I’ve averaged some offside recs and nicked a little here and there, trying to bring my average down from the original buy price.

So my question is…..can we not profit from these guys if we are willing to put some hours in and get in and most importantly get out before the dump. Don’t get greedy, nick the 30% profit. Set stop losses at 10%.
Has anyone here subscribed to their premium services, which I’m presuming get the heads up way before my lower subscriptions?

Or am I being naive?

Look forward to your replies.


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6 years ago

i think futurestrader may be on to something here. i have not watched mauldin, so i can´t comment on him, but casey has been around for a long time and i have the same impression as futurestrader, that their news services may just be channels for getting people to buy into mostely narrowly traded issues and hence drive up the prices on stocks held already by the casey group. which would be something that may be worthy for the regulatory agencies to look deeply into, depending on whats is permitted and what not i the context. i followed their recommendations many years ago and it seemed that most narrow market stocks they recommended rose strongly following their recommendation to then collaps shortly thereafter. while i do not pretend to have tight statistically evidence for that, i remember at the time the impression was one of a clear repetitive pattern and that is after substracting general market impact on the respective stock prices. so i can only urge anyone with a multi-year archive of their recommendations and the time at hand to do some proper statistical review of the matter. substract any general market trend driven price increases/declines and look at the micro pattern, which means the stocks before & shortly after being recomended by d.casey group and a one or two quarters later. at the time my impression was one of pump & dumb pattern, it seemed to be the same chart curve too often and that was already many years ago. if the pattern turns out to be conclusive over such a long time it may be time for some legal examination of their activities. with such a long history of possible P&D there should be some legal perspective to this.
if the suspicions get confirmed this would be especially dire as they always have that liberal, freedom centric propaganda in their PR and hence may have hit a lot of well meaning people hard. if on the other hand they come out clean from such a statistically tight examination of their recommendations, they would probably benefit a lot from having had their “work” properly scrutinized.

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1 month ago

I’m amazed than this thread has not developed. Casey, Marin Katusa…?
They are all getting rich off the pump and dump. Mauldin? I thought he was half honest but now he has Katusa working for him. What a shame!

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