by bigkahuana | April 25, 2014 12:47 pm

Doc Gumshoe, any thoughts on the inhaled insulin that Mannkind MNKD has and is about to be voted on for FDA approval in July. Seems to me that this is a blockbuster grug for a small company that could make the stock take off. Your opinion would be highly appreciated as I’m ready to buy this stock now but am trying to get a better grip on the potential of this drug.

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    om sharma
    om sharma
    Apr 26 2014, 04:19:23 pm

    Mannkind is not making or bringing anything blockbuster. Yes stock can take off for some time.
    But it is not something like BNIKF that is real blockbuster. Dr Kss is talking about BNIKF for 3 months now. That is going to be real winner.

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    Eliott Sedlecksky
    Aug 12 2014, 08:14:40 am

    I think most of Mannkind’s value lies in the Technosphere platform. I’m not convinced Afrezza will ever gain significant adoption, but I hold a small number of shares because I believe Technosphere could be huge some day, particularly for things like inhaled pain treatment and inhaled erectile dysfunction treatment, if ever pursued.

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