by Anonymous Questions | April 24, 2014 6:08 pm

Does anyone have an opinion of Nuvilex (stock ticker nvlx )?
Thank you.

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    Jeff Haycox
    Apr 25 2014, 06:08:24 am

    There’s a short discussion thread in the archives dated Feb 5. The resident biotech expert here thinks it’s a hot garbage scam. Search the lengthy biotech threads for comments about it. I’ve yet to see a favorable comment here. I’m up about 6-fold in 3 yrs because I have a trusted friend informing me that the company is legit. I’m willing to lose my money and see if the experts and pump & dump watchdogs have this one wrong.

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    Ken Newton
    Apr 25 2014, 09:00:41 am

    Nuvilex is a company that had years of having trouble finding its way. Poor management, no products and not even sure what type of business they want to be in. Last year they obtained exclusive world-wide rights to a treatment called Cell-in-a-Box. An encapsulation method of applying cells to cancers, diabetes and may have some use in medical marijuana. The documented pre-trials have their method of treating Pancreatic Cancer showing better results than Eli Lily & Celgene’s products for treating Pancreatic Cancer. The doctors, investors and companies that have come on board in the last 2 months prove that Nuvilex’s product in the medical world has very exciting possibilities. All the shorts think about is how they can put out a post about Nuvilex being fake, stock drops, they buy 10,000 to 30,000 and dump them when the next “real” update comes out from Nuvilex. With some foresight you would buy this stock with your retirement portfolio and remain long on a company that is going to be a game changer in the treatments for Cancer, Diabetes and the use of medical marijuana. Once Nuvilex is selling their product, the shorts will have nothing to say about their lack of revenue. It’s hard to have revenue when you don’t have a product on the shelves. What they do have is a lot of smart people who have invested to make sure that this product hits the market.

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      Brad Kirsch
      Jun 5 2014, 09:53:51 pm

      I saw this exact post on SA. So you guys (or just 1 guy) came here to post your sleaze on this website. I think you’ll find this stuff just won’t fly here. Go back to SA.

  3. Dr. KSS, MD, PhD
    Dr. KSS, MD, PhD
    Apr 25 2014, 03:26:16 pm

    Uh, no, I never called Nuvilex a “hot garbage scam.” I made a reasoned, data-driven commentary about it based on extensive review of its science, based on my being a physician and a scientist and having considerable experience with pancreas cancer. And I concluded I do not regard this as a safe or sound place to put money.

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    Jeff Haycox
    Apr 26 2014, 04:02:08 pm

    Doctor, my interpretation that you think NVLX is a hot garbage scam is based on your following comments from late January:

    “They’re just trying to wheedle investors out of some capital to keep their jobs for a season or two.”

    “Have you ever seen the show “Small Town Security” on the AMC channel? Nepotistic, rinky-dink, inbred, crude, crass redneck investigative agency doing dubious work? That is Nuvilex. We have covered it here before. Don’t go near. They’re just pretending to be a biotech firm because they’ve got cush jobs. They’ll play at this til people catch on to the ruse.”

    I apologize if I misinterpreted and misrepresented your comments.

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      Dr. KSS, MD PhD
      Dr. KSS, MD PhD
      Apr 26 2014, 04:38:42 pm

      Well, you are flagrantly distorting what I said by citing only passages that seem to support your thesis that I colorfully dismissed it, and NOT citing the totality of all I said about among all the threads. Since you are the one who wants to know, it is incumbent on you, not me, to find all of it. But meanwhile, the id always wants its way and it is far easier to embark on trying to make someone else to be foolish and shortsighted than it is to admit to ourselves we have been foolish and shortsighted. As one of your quotations of me says “We have covered it here before.” Do be honest and found out what I said before rather than affixing a label. This is a tiny wavering company that has been adrift for eons, and as I have said elsewhere, the “Cell in a Box” science does not rise to a high level of credibility, veracity, relevance or utility. There are thousands of hired guns out there who look good on paper who will be happy to do your study and talk it up for the right price. Doesn’t make the science any good though. My cognitive intellectual feeling is that what is being propounded does NOT represent an improved approach to cancer, that it will not make patients better, and that the ways in which is is being touted represent disingenuous slides calculated to make those not schooled in this think it’s something it isn’t. Instead of giving a drug that does the job, we are going to give a pro-drug, and then pack special cells in space-age zip lock bags that make the drug out of the pro-drug. Please explain to me how that is better, how that would make patients likelier to conquer their cancer? Meanwhile, those “Cell in a Box” things will get encrusted in biofilm and become fomites, prostheses, that are niduses for infection and death. Two people are on the ground floor of a building and want to get to the next floor. One takes the elevator. The second does a round of hopskotch, then bounds one flight of stairs two steps at a time, and then climbs the second stairs with a hand over one eye, and then at the top does the hokey pokey and turns himself about before he greets his pal who came up on the elevator. If you think the second guy was smarter or better or more worthy of consideration because his way of getting to the second floor was odd and needlessly complex, then congratulations, Nuvilex is a perfect investment for you. Beware the biotech company that Rube Goldbergifies a simple process and tells you that their way is better just because they know it befuddles you.

      You say: “I’m willing to lose my money and see if the experts and pump & dump watchdogs have this one wrong.” I mean, really, is there any point in discussing it then? What you are saying is, YOUR way of arranging the deck furniture on the Titanic is best! Come on Jeff! Wake up! Even though you have made money in this one, it is not a good pick. Take profits and put it something that lets you sleep at night. But if Pyrrhic non-victories, losing all your cash, is what excites you for the thrill of being right….gee Jeff, not sure if you know which way is up.

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    Jeff Haycox
    Apr 28 2014, 12:26:30 pm

    I do not stay awake at night worrying about any of my investments, much less one where I clearly state that I am willing to lose my money. This isn’t a right or wrong issue for me. If NVLX legitimately sky-rockets and their science proves to benefit sick patients then I will be glad for those reasons, not because I was right where others were wrong.

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    Dr. KSS, MD PhD
    Dr. KSS, MD PhD
    May 7 2014, 04:50:29 pm


    Nuvilex shares (NVLX) up 9 per cent today on the basis of a press release the company paid a media group to put out. The “news”? It restates data from a phase I/II trial done with the company’s “Cell-in-a-Box” hokum DONE IN 2001 (not 2011, 2001!). There is no new data. It blahblahblahs a 13 year old trial and the stock is up on this “news.”

    Want to know how many trials Nuvilex actually has scheduled? How many are recruiting patients? How many it is running? How many it has before the FDA?


    This company’s executives have green slime dripping from their teeth and people are actually buying this stock!

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