Value Investing Congress Day One

Overview and links to notes on the first day's presentations

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, April 3, 2014

Should be an interesting day for us here at the Value Investing Congres — one “secret” presenter later in the afternoon, a presentation from Dan Miller at Gabelli who has picked a few great small cap growers in past years, more from Whitney Tilson, a presentation from newsletter guy Chris Mayer, and a presentation from excellent niche activist investor Richard Lashley (he’s at PL Capital, specializing in shaking up small banks)… and, as always, several presentations from hedge fund folks I’ve never heard of. I’m looking forward to seeing what they have to say.

As in past years, I’ll be sharing my notes with you on the presentations that seem worthwhile. I’m tapping these in on the fly as people are speaking, just trying to capture some key points and some data for future research, so please keep in mind that there will likely be lapses in grammar and spelling, and quite possibly some actual mistakes or misinterpretations as well. Hopefully there will be some great ideas that make it into my portfolio or grow into broader coverage for you here. I’ll link to the notes below for each of today’s presentations as they happen (this the full agenda for the day — if it’s not a link, that means I didn’t have notes to share on it or it hasn’t happened yet):

Tim Eriksen, “The Road Less Traveled” (Awilco Drilling)

Carlo Cannell, “The Iron Ranch” (Cavco and Build-A-Bear)

Chris Mayer, “Investing by the C.O.D.E.” (Cherry Hill Mortgage and Kennedy Wilson Europe)

Sahm Adrangi, “Karrisdale Capital’s Top Equity Investment for 2014 (BOFI Holdings)

Tom Russo, “Global Value Equity Investing”

Whitney Tilson, “My Favorite Ideas”

Eric Andersen, “Focusing Where Others Aren’t”

David Neuhauser, “Pacific Rubiales energy — An Emerging Opportunity with Dramatic Possibilities (not really about Pacific Rubiales)”

Lisa Rapuano, “Finding Your Way Along the Many Paths of Value”

Richard Lashley, “A Shareholder Activist’s Perspective on Bank Stocks”

The Sleuth of Wall Street (anonymous presenter on short selling), “Some ‘Interesting’ Situations” (Cautionary tales, including an examination of Organovo)

Daniel Miller, “Investing With Conviction” (Bon-Ton and Rowan)



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vivian lewis
6 years ago

build-a-bear spotted in the value list. I took my eldest grandson to Hamley’s, a famous London toy store when he was 4 or 5 to get him a personal bear. The machine was very loud and stuffing the crittur whereupon Claude burst into tears at the violence it was displaying. He refused to accept the bear that was made for him and ultimately I fobbed it off on his little sister who hadn’t seen the creation process. (Bears are sex-neutral). So I think the business model of build-a-bear may have a flaw. Claude now is 13 and totally uninterested in bears of course. So there is only a short gap between terror of noisy machines and being too sophisticated for a stuffed animal.
Of course my grandson may be particularly sensitive, not that I have noticed it yet in any other aspect of his behavior.
You might ask Carlo Cannell about this.
Nana Vivan, ed.

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πŸ‘ 15777
6 years ago

Waou! So many interesting ideas! Thank you Travis. Have a great time where you are. Eddy

πŸ‘ 16

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