Value Investing Congress, Day Two

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, April 4, 2014

Here are my notes from the presentations on the second day at the Value Investing Congress:

Eric Sprott, “Investing Opportunity of Your Lifetime” (Gold market manipulation)

Isaac Schwartz, “Hidden in Plain Sight” (Kazakh banks and Russian flooring)

David Hurwitz, “Opportunities for Investment in Korea”

Michael Kao, Akanthos “The TAO of Asymmetric Investing” (Tag Oil)

Petra Capital,“In Search of ‘Hidden’ Champions in South Korea” (Korean emerging multinationals, hard to buy for individuals)

John Lewis, Osmium Partners “Value: 180 Degrees From North to South” (Rosetta Stone, Tucows, Intersections)

Zeke Ashton, “Apples to Apples” (Tesla vs. BMW)

Dan Ferris, “Best Royalty Company in the World” (Altius)

Arnaud Ajdler, “Investing in Change” (Hill International)

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Travis; somewhere on the many comments you are generating,someone,maybe you mentioned government intrusion. That is a very important consideration in all our affairs. The “other congress” USA senate & house seem intent on more & more involvement in formerly private affairs. I don’t blame the politicians but rather those who elect them. I realize that often the choice is between tweedledum & tweedledumber but what has happened to the thinking process in this country where incompetent incumbents are overwhelmingly returned to office,, where they busily resume enriching themselves. For thin-skinned readers please note I did not take sides. I equally… Read More »

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