written by reader Genoil (GNOLF) and Re: The Electricity Crisis that Dr. Kent Moors says could bring 100,000% returns

By Alvin Bojar, May 22, 2014

I’m not against 100,000% stock winners, but I am against finding my pot of gold in a uranium mine seeking to fill the needs of countless nuclear plants that are yet to be built, or perhaps even to be designed. These stock touts emerge whenever new ominous forebodings of global warming are issued. In the perspective of meaningful and lasting stock appreciation, these opportunities are still a long way off, while other equally enticing energy situations are closer at hand offering similar or better potential. One such stock, which I recently became aware of, is a small promising company with a patented technology capable or raising the API of heavy oil, and greatly reducing the sulphur content of high sulphur crude by a factor of 99%, so that it can meet the specs of sweet light crude. What this would mean in terms of stock appreciation is discussed below.
Recoverable oil reserves are estimated at 1.2 trillion barrels of oil (TBO), of which 400 billion (BBO) consists of lite or sweet oil,