written by reader Jimmy Mengel “The Crow’s Nest”

by xiexgp@gmail.com | May 16, 2014 10:11 am

what dividend stocks is he pushing in his newsletter?

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    Thomas Lepere
    May 17 2014, 06:16:15 pm

    Ian Wyatt has two teasers recently. One teaser is for his 100k Portfolio which promises to reveal the stock symbol and price of a profitable railroad like Buffet’s
    Northern Santa Fe, profiting from transportation of oil & gas. The other is for High Yield Wealth which gives the investor the lowdown an a lucrative oil stock discovered below Tupi Island off of the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil which pays 8 extra dividends per year (enough to finance an investors living) from the extra dividends. Both investment newsletters 100k Portfolio and High Yield Wealth are discounted at $49 per year subscription. That would be $49 for each of 2 likeable stocks as an investor. Do any of the Stock Gumshoe readers subscribe to these and can share the details of these 2 great stock picks with me.

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    Carmine Conti
    May 21 2014, 10:16:42 am

    Do you know what the eight minute secret is that happens very day when ever a stock trades hands or also called the daily dividend. They want 500.00 for this info

    Thank You, Carmine Conti

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    Carmine Conti
    May 21 2014, 10:28:13 am

    The outsiders club says theirs a secret 8 minute dividend that you can get every time a stock trades hands on the market Does anyone know about it ? If not you can for a discount of 500.00 crazy right

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