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by molar | May 4, 2014 12:04 am

Any opinions on this newsletter?

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      Aug 7 2014, 11:03:22 pm

      Based on your confusion, Casey; I presume you are a “plain vanilla investor” or a “newbie” to the markets. No denegration there; we all have to go through the progression of crawling, walking, and then running. Just as you make money on the “long side” by buying low and selling high; you can profit on the “short side” (aka the Dark Side) by selling high on borrowed shares and buying their replacements at a lower cost for the return delivery to the lender. To put on a “naked short”, you must have a margin account. Be aware: if you are long, your risk is limited to the total dollars you put into the trade. If you are short, the potential loss is only limited to your tolerance as the stock could just keep rising, increasing your loss point-by-point upward. Other tools include: selling call or buying puts in the options markets or buying inverse ETFs.
      My advice: save your money and don’t subscribe until you’ve “cut your teeth” on the long side a while. And even then, “paper trade” for a while further, so you can simulate without expending dollars…Learn from your mistakes without financial damage. And…There’s NO shame if you find the Dark Side isn’t “your cup of tea”….As I noted: long lossess are limited (the stock can only go to zero) and short losses have no ceiling. Don’t look for the fast buck; rather focus on risk/reward with each transaction….And then with each resultant holding. And don’t “marry” your stocks: leave your ego at the door; you’re going to make wrong choices…Take your licks and learn from them
      Think of building a snowman….You start with a hand full of snow, you roll that into more snow and some sticks and some falls off, and the ball keeps growing. And pretty soon you see that the bigger it gets, the faster it’s growing and that’s exciting to you! So, instead of rolling that ball, you stop and pack more snow on…The next time you roll, some of the new-pack falls off and some accellerates the accumulation.
      Bottom line: Start with a solid core and stay focused.
      All the best and take it slow.

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        Short-Side Fortunes Sucker
        Sep 20 2014, 11:29:28 am

        I am a current Subscriber to this disaster of a service called Short-Side Fortunes! This Guy is nothing more than a Self-Purported “Financial Guru” who doesn’t know anymore about trading the market than my Dog! I took several of his recommendations from 9 months ago specifically on the Options side and lost my shorts! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON ANY OF HIS SERVICES! He’s an Imbecile that will lose you money! Money Map Press out to be held responsible for hosting this Phoney!

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    Terribly Disappointed
    Apr 9 2015, 10:52:24 am

    I am a subscriber to “Short Side Fortunes” and have been terribly disappointed with this service. In my opinion, Shah Gilani is a shill for the TBTF bankers on Wall Street- though he hides it well. I lost a fortune following his insane recommendations in Short Side Fortunes. He did this on purpose. He comes across just like any other Wall Street con artist– fear mongering for “the boys” in order to sucker small specs in to shorting and buying puts…. so the house casino can just keep raising the market and stealing money. He regularly puts out disinformation via Short Sides Fortunes… and through his TV appearances on Fox Business with Stuart Varney. If his commentary wasn’t pre-approved by the House Casino- he wouldn’t be making all those TV appearances. Too bad I didn’t realize all this when I first signed on to this disastrous service. I lost a fortune, especially with his TVIX recommendation. How low can it go? Shah kept asking when he sucked us into this at around $7 per share. (It’s now about $1.50) He represented that we was one of the original guys on the CBOE that created the VIX, and was something of an expert on volatility. He didn’t warn us about “contango” or some other negative factor called “roll calls-” or even the fact that this is meant to hold for the day…. not buy and hold long. Some expert.
    I suspect there will be a class action lawsuit against Money Map Press for false and misleading advertising in marketing Short Side Fortunes…. and the Fortune-Stealing advice they regularly put out on behalf of the BIG Wall Street Banksters. Avoid Shah Gilani and Money Map Press like the plague! (unless you just like paying for false advice that steals your money and wrecks your world.)

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    Jan 29 2016, 06:42:17 pm



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    Feb 1 2016, 11:43:25 pm

    Thanks for the excellent comments. The really long video intrigued me so I came here to check it out. Your real world comments made me realize once again – sounds too good to be true, it probably is! I will not be using this service at all.

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    Feb 11 2016, 04:56:46 pm

    Now that so many stocks are turning south then pulling back like to a 20 or 50MA and then heading south again, I would like to buy puts on these stocks. I read about the standard “At the money, 3 months out” options to purchase. Any one have a better knowledge about which strike and month to get for a more greater return? What about just buying a year out put leap and let that market run down for the year like securities in oil this past year. would one capture better gains that way? I believe this time is a great opportunity to make huge returns on the down side, but seems like all the classes, books and webinars have material all focused on the UP side of the market and there is very little knowledge on the best way to capture downside profits in a falling market environment like we now have. I’m sure we all could formulate a game plan to trade some profits our way. Any inputs?

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      Feb 24 2016, 07:02:34 am

      Anyone have any experience with motley fool options? Are they the most reliable of the subscriptions or is some other One better.
      So newbie here!

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    Dr. Altaf
    Feb 29 2016, 11:03:18 pm

    You explained it to the nails. All hypes & quick money making is the problem. Never be greedy than take risk up to what you could tolerate on transaction by transaction basis.
    Stay out with “Stop Loss” and grow slow and steady to gather more snow as Mr. Richard explained. That’s the best.
    I heard Mr. W. Buffet made money with selling puts. How many of you do agree? Ok, how to deal in any Asian market where there is no option available?

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    Mar 24 2016, 08:51:18 am

    I too have lost a lot of money on this short side fortunes crap.. Im kicking myself for buying into that hype.. first $1900 for the service itself and then bogus advice that looses you money.. stay away!!
    Im however also member of motley fool stock advisor and options and they have been more accurate. At least I’ve made some profit out of their advice.. but you should always be careful with investments and don’t invest more than you can afford to loose.. which is what they are all about anyway which makes me feel more comfortable with them than with money morning which spams my inbox everyday with all kinds of stuff. Motley fool only sends emails when there is a reason to.

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