by Anonymous Questions | May 22, 2014 4:49 pm

is vhub a pump and dump scam?

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    Jim Skelton,
    Jim Skelton, "The Blind Squirrel"
    May 24 2014, 07:32:08 pm

    AQ: In my opinion, yes indeed it is. It is following the exact steps recently seen by others, most notably that of NNRX which was pumped by the same source, ran up from ~$0.60 to ~$1.25, then dumped in a 30 minute time frame, dropping from that $1.25 level to ~ $0.40 before anyone had opportunity to get out.
    VHUB is paying to have this done; $65,000.00 to date (see disclosures section at bottom of the articles being sent out to verify that). As long as they will pay, the pump will continue.
    Problem they are having now is that the biz VHUB is in – vaping devices – is coming under fire from regulators, and investors know it. It’s not all champagne and caviar in that space anymore. Minnesota just passed some pretty restrictive legislations as regards usage of these devices – not good news for VHUB.
    So beware, beware, beware. If you are as nimble as a fox, as quick as a cheetah, as brave as a lion, and as dumb as a brick, you might make a trade or two in and out and actually make a little money. But the trap will spring some day and if you are long, well, you’re dead,

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      John Dominick
      Jul 10 2014, 09:03:56 am

      I just opened a scottrade account and the guy there was very I distant that he knew what he was doing and he kept telling me to buy VHUB because it’s down and it’s gonna blow up blah blah blah so I believed it enough
      To put 20,000$ in it at .56c/share; here we are at .15c/share a month later. For me it
      Was simple; I don’t like losing money; so I put another 15,000 in and sold all my shares when it went to .20c since then I’ve been limit buying it in mass quantities and selling multiple times a day to just collect on a 3-4 cent gain a few times a day as the market permits; after being super pissed off about losing 15 grand in a week; I just thought the lost logical thing to do was sell and try to recoup as much loss as I could before this stock bottoms out and that’s where it’s going; luckily even though
      I was making retarded trades and risking so much for such a small margin I still managed to get my original 20k back; plus the 15k I added in and currently I’m up 11,000 totaling ~46,000. My advice for anyone with ideas about trading this stock; go to your broker or your brokerage firm and withdraw the money you plan to use to
      Invest in shares of VHUB and take the money and give it
      To a charity; because if you buy; you might as well start buying some romin noodles cuz your money’s gonna go bye bye just like this
      Pump n dump piece of trash company

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