written by reader Chronic Flood Areas vs, Chronic Drought Areas

by april39 | June 26, 2014 8:54 pm

Having spent 40+ years in MA where 1/3 of the year is just cold and nasty.another 1/3 rain/drizzle with occasional good days so one can rake/repair stuff from the bad days and summers with some good weeks that never happen to be your vacation weeks Temecula CA is pretty good for my last tour on earth. However the country route to Wine Country is just plain bad this year. The usual green hay, alfalfa,canola,fields never happened and the golden summer fields turned black in April. The usual mountain snowpack was about 50 ft. not the 300 ft. needed for crops in the central valley and So. CA.
At the same time we see floods that seem to be yearly events in the plain states makes me wonder what it would take to reroute that water to existing man made lakes in CA. and the Southwest including Lake Meed. Crazy expensive you say. Well, the U.S. spent somewhere near a trillion dollars to kill 100,000 Iraq civilians for what I ask?

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