written by reader Motley Fool tease for 485 million reasons to put down the iPhone and invest in something new

By uwildkat, June 26, 2014



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June 26, 2014 6:36 pm

This is Invensense (INVN) – rehashing a pick covered by Stock Gumshoe in January:

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August 24, 2014 1:04 pm

The Motley Fool newsletters like Stock Adviser and Rule Breakers are
interesting services and sometimes fun to read. But have
many people gotten rich by following like lemmings the MF
recommendations? Not many I’d bet. The MF make their money
not on their recommendations but on their journalism. If they
had to rely on their stock picks to eat Dave and Tom and
their foolish writing staff would all be extremely skinny guys
and dolls.

As I still read their teases, I take most of their recommendations
with a grape of sand, or with a grain of chalk, or with an Everglades
full of alligators. I have a portfolio of MF stocks that I follow on
Finviz. Several of their picks have been crushed like DDD, CAMP, and
WFM. Why not pick up some fool recommendations after they
drop 50% or so? These stocks all look a lot more interesting
to me after they’ve had their recent market haircuts.

If Nietzsche was still alive, I think he would have become a
world class investor. His mustache alone is worth a hundred
Warren Buffetts, a thousand Bill Gates, and ten million Steve
Jobs! He famously quipped, “The irrationality of a thing [invest-
ment] is not an argument against its existence; it’s a condition
of it.” Happy investing everybody, and may the odds always
be in your favor.

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