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by ptrj | June 23, 2014 10:49 am

i was intrigued by the ad (usual) and they had a special promo of $20 for 4 weeks – 5 recommendations per week.. 1 dollar per recommendation. this is part of the ’investorplace’ group of services. they did not provide much information but i thought well it is just $20.
when i accessed the website and looked at the performance of the
portfolio for 2014 it was just horrible. out of about 108 closed picks, 76 lost money and only 31 made some money. i did not calculate but many of the losses were in the 50 % range, while most of the gains were in 50 to 60% range and only four were >100% ( 3 @ 100 to 123% and one at 400%).
i do not know whether to just write off the twenty dollars or to do the opposite of his recommendations. i was so disappointed that i called the next weekday and tried to cancel the service – sorry no refunds.
basically – do NOT waste your money ( or even your time ) on this service. i can not say about their other services but from what i have seen for this one i would never never ever ever subscribe to any of the other services unless they had a 100% money back guarantee. just horrible…horrible.

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