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by april39 | June 13, 2014 8:37 am

First event 4/16/1977 mild ”bug” K.O.ed me completely-suddenly almost paralized, 0 energy thought dying. Lab tests couple common viruses. Recovered slowly over 6 mos. Event [2] April 1982 terrible sore throat followed by terrible physical crash. Lab test-Mono definately total recovery time 18 months. Never felt as smart as prior. No longer quick at math. Seminars useless-might remember 1 st hour. 1990-1997 2 events starting with terrible sore throat, recovered in a couple days then CFIDS type crash. I had a great boss my senior by 5 yrs. As I was saving company about 6 times my salary he let me recover from crash which took a weeks total rest. Nov.16 1999 new young boss not tolorent. Terrible year. Night of best friends funeral terrible sore throat came back. Same pattern sick.recovered,CFIDS crash,back for a busy week, Crash again, took disability retirement Dec,5 1999. age 60 i/2. Moved from Boston area to Temecula [Southern CA. 9/8/2001.] No more SAD depression just a bit Manic,[family history.] Over last 13 yrs have gone from maybe 25% functional to present mentally so-so . physically very little energy. Have tried ” From Fatigued to Fantastic” regime and still take some of recommended pills. Targeted [HGH ?] for 1 year did 0. From 1951-1957 my father raised broiler chickens-4 cycles/yr 11 weeks growing then 2 wks to clean and disinfect barns with DDT. i was always an unathletic, so-so schooler. I joined the Army at age 18 and liked it. Made Sp.5 P1 but got out foolishly. Spent Sept 61 to Feb 64 building missile parts in clean rooms where all my troubles began. Panic attacks,severe depression etc. Better jobs lessened the severity of my problems but did not resolve them.A couple years ago I tried Anatabloc. After 8 days I started to feel near normal. Only problem severe diarrhea came on. After fixing that with probiotics which took about a month to resolve I tried the unsweetened Anatabloc. Nothing happened. My wife and I are both age 75. She will drive to San Diego but not L.A. and the O.C. can befuddle her.So at age 75 I’ve pretty much resigned myself to my fate. However if Dr.KSS or anyone has a reccomendation I’d sure thank you. John Arguimbau[1]


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    Dr. KSS, MD PhD
    Dr. KSS, MD PhD
    Jun 18 2014, 04:37:41 pm

    I’ll be happy to try to help. Are there some basic recent labs available? CBC, Chem7, liver tests, albumin, total protein, TSH, testosterone, ferritin, ESR. Those would be good starters. Whether or not there are obvious risk factors, have HIV, HBV and HCV been excluded?

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    john arguimbau
    Aug 11 2014, 06:26:15 pm

    August 10 2014 I just saw the above. My doctor just did a screen which has some of the above. He said I was in good shape except for very high Triglicerides-500+ I never got under 200 even excercizing when well and on statins. I was always a nervious,tense kid in a nervious/tense enviroment My father inherited his mothers depression and was basically raised by his 6 years older brother. His father roared away into the roaring 20s and only contacted my father when he was dying of T.B. in a bowery flat. Against his brothers advice Pa stayed with his father until he died thus catching T.B. and instead of returning to Harvard as a sophmore spent 4 yrs in a sanitorium until 1933 when his brother purchased an old estate once owned by Paul Revere but around 1920 turned into a moonshine operation and whorehouse.As T.B. had no cure he raised chickens up to the 1960s. I am the product of him and a “town girl” who made his life more miserable by constant bitching about chickens any how she could have married a doctor or lawyer who she slept with. I joined the Army ASAP, liked it and was happy but for some 22 yr.old dumbass reason got out. In 1948 the chickens caught colera thus were slaughtered and the barns quarteened and left open for 2 years. In 1950 Pa got a contract to raise broilers for a large company That required spraying the entire barn with a DDT solution after each 12 week growing cycle. Thus I was exposed to a lot of DDT FOR 6 STRAIGHT YEARS. AND SUSPECT THAT i MAY HAVE AGENT ORANGE EQUIVELENT. Thanks for your interest and please accept my apology for the spelling errors. My father turned to my younger brother due to my schoolwork. John Arguimbau

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