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By xiexgp@gmail.com, June 6, 2014

Has anyone noticed that Porter Stansberry’s Investment Advisory has finally stopped printing Stansberry’s personal political rants and is now employing some apparently knowledgeable analysts to write informative opinions on stocks? I was about to cancel my subscription but the past few issues have provided some decent new information.

I still can’t stand their horrible B.S. ads, especially the ”End of America” sky -is-falling cr*p; until recently they were still bragging about how Stansberry predicted the bankruptcy of General Growth Properties (GGP), as if the stockholders lost their money. (They didn’t; it was a chapter 11 reorganization engineered by Bill Ackman – who paid off the bondholders, got the judge to deny foreclosures, and spun off all the very valuable Howard Hughes properties into a separate corporation of which he is now Chairman and a majority stockholder).
I bought GGP stock when I found out that even at the market bottom in 2009 they were still earning $2 Billion and their main problem was refinancing mortgages coming due. I personally have made 24 times my investment in GGP since 2009 by ignoring his advice. Besides the fact that GGP went from a penny stock in 2009 to $23+ today, all the stockholders got a 10% dividend in newly minted Howard Hughes stock at the spinoff (when GGP hit $15) and HHC sells today at $145+. So much for Porter Stansberry’s worthy personal opinions.

If anybody has checked any of the recent recommendations, please comment.

I also read Sjuggerud’s True Wealth and find his comments interesting and his predictions about the direction of the markets pretty accurate. I don’t usually buy his recommendations, but I should have picked up several of them that turned out to be real winners, like the Texas Land Trust, and the Wisdom Tree Japanese ETF. I notice that most of his recommendations lately have been ETFs rather than individual stocks, which looks like a safer bet in today’s risky market because of their diversification.

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June 6, 2014 1:04 pm

Stansberry’s rant has been a loser for years, showing that the ever-rising din of “panic-selling” is becoming far too commonplace, usually ignored, and is far more based on ultra right ideology than any real financial or economic analysis.

T1 Texas
June 7, 2014 9:20 am

I have also noticed that with additional analysts writing for him, Stansberry’s Investment Advisory is now 20 pages long up from 16 pages in previous issues.