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by xiexgp@gmail.com | June 6, 2014 10:08 am

Has anyone noticed that Porter Stansberry’s Investment Advisory has finally stopped printing Stansberry’s personal political rants and is now employing some apparently knowledgeable analysts to write informative opinions on stocks? I was about to cancel my subscription but the past few issues have provided some decent new information.

I still can’t stand their horrible B.S. ads, especially the ”End of America” sky -is-falling cr*p; until recently they were still bragging about how Stansberry predicted the bankruptcy of General Growth Properties (GGP), as if the stockholders lost their money. (They didn’t; it was a chapter 11 reorganization engineered by Bill Ackman – who paid off the bondholders, got the judge to deny foreclosures, and spun off all the very valuable Howard Hughes properties into a separate corporation of which he is now Chairman and a majority stockholder).
I bought GGP stock when I found out that even at the market bottom in 2009 they were still earning $2 Billion and their main problem was refinancing mortgages coming due. I personally have made 24 times my investment in GGP since 2009 by ignoring his advice. Besides the fact that GGP went from a penny stock in 2009 to $23+ today, all the stockholders got a 10% dividend in newly minted Howard Hughes stock at the spinoff (when GGP hit $15) and HHC sells today at $145+. So much for Porter Stansberry’s worthy personal opinions.

If anybody has checked any of the recent recommendations, please comment.

I also read Sjuggerud’s True Wealth and find his comments interesting and his predictions about the direction of the markets pretty accurate. I don’t usually buy his recommendations, but I should have picked up several of them that turned out to be real winners, like the Texas Land Trust, and the Wisdom Tree Japanese ETF. I notice that most of his recommendations lately have been ETFs rather than individual stocks, which looks like a safer bet in today’s risky market because of their diversification.

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