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By takeprofits, June 6, 2014

[Ed. Note: Myron Martin is a longtime reader who writes for the Irregulars a couple times a month about junior miners and other stocks that strike his fancy. Below is his latest contribution. As always, he’s agreed to our trading restrictions and his words and opinions are his own.]

Happy Anniversary Gumshoers! Hard to believe, but it has now been a year since I started writing my Gumshoe columns, so perhaps some reflection on performance of the stocks I have profiled relative to the market itself would be in order. Basically the market has been moving sideways with occasional false breakouts, but no real serious growth of the precious metals market as a whole, though dozens of analysts believe a breakout is imminent. In spite of what has been a volatile “up and down market” I have found a lot of great companies that have moved counter to the general malaise of the market as a whole.

One man who I have been reading for decades and highly respect for his insights in respect to the precious metals market is John Embry, key executive at the Sprott Group. Here is a podcast of his that I recommend.  Reading John’s columns in Investor’s Digest of Canada is a practice I had gotten away from since I no longer subscribe due to an excessive work load, but for those who have the time, it is a great resource for clear-eyed, unbiased reporting on what is happening in the markets and why. Investors Digest belongs on any serious precious metals investors reading list.

John, along with Rick Rule, are key sidekicks of Eric Sprott, the Canadian billionaire who made his fortune due to his unwavering belief in gold and silver being the only real money, countering the propaganda of the bankers with their fiat counterfeit currency borrowed into existence as debt. That reality does not yet seem to have sunk into the mainstream’s consciousness, but as prices for food and energy that are not included in government inflation statistics continue to escalate, the reality of that connection will eventually grab their attention as living costs rise faster and faster.

A column by John in the February 14th issue of Investor’s Digest is noteworthy for anyone not yet convinced that the price of gold is manipulated, which is well documented by a German author (Dimitri Speck) in a book now available in English as ...

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