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By xiexgp@gmail.com, July 18, 2014

I’m Dr. Kent Moors. I’m here today with a critically important message for you…

Right now, 15 million working-class people across 32 states are being blessed by a miracle.

Let me put this as simply as I can…

This miracle is turning everyday Americans into millionaires.

And many more Americans will be able to receive this same blessing.

Not everybody, mind you, but millions more.

In fact, the amount of money that will be going to everyday people – from school teachers to farmers to high school dropouts – is so large…

That I predict it will make everyday Americans the richest people on earth… and perhaps even upset the social order of our country.

Over the last 12 months, I’ve traveled all across America.

I’ve seen first-hand how this miraculous event is impacting millions of lives… Take Fred Porter, for example. He runs a little barbeque stand in Washington, PA. Well, he’s now making nearly $3 million a year because of this single event.

I’m going to show you more in a moment. But please know this:

These people did not hit the lottery…

Inherit wealth…

Get a new job….

Or graduate from an elite University.

They aren’t profiting from any kind of Ponzi scheme either.

Rather, they are being blessed by an event that can only be considered a miracle from a higher power…

Fred Gilman, for example, is a 27-year-old who used to wash trucks. Today, Fred expects to receive over $100,000 in one year.

And Lee Langland is a 54-year-old from Utah with no education. But in 2012, Lee added $160,000 to his personal wealth.

Like I said… I’ve seen this miracle with my own eyes…

And I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt…

That this single event has the power to hand you untold money, regardless of your age, job status, education, or how much money you have in the bank.

And that’s not just my opinion…

The managing editor of Forbes Media, Dan Bigman, calls it ”nothing short of a miracle.”

Now, if these were just random people getting lucky, I wouldn’t be talking to you today.

But I’ve estimated that there is over $300 trillion of brand new money that will be going – and please note this, not to people in America who are already rich – but to everyday Americans, just for the asking.

That’s why I call it the Second Coming. It’s twice the size of the Industrial Revolution, but this time the Robber Barons won’t get a cent. Everyday people will instead.

It could well be the only time in human history that ordinary people will have the chance to become millionaires… just for living at the right time, in the right place.

Just to give you an idea of how strongly I believe in the miracle I’ve seen… and what it can do for individuals…

In December 2013, I LEFT my job as a professor at Duquesne University where I taught political science and public policy for over 34 years.

We just received a very urgent opportunity from our friends over at Money Map Press.

It involves our colleague Dr. Kent Moors and a little-known construction site in a small Louisiana town.
Take a look:
You can see the site contains five large storage containers near a large body of water.

Seems pretty ordinary, right?
We just received a very urgent opportunity from our friends over at Money Map Press.
It involves our colleague Dr. Kent Moors and a little-known construction site in a small Louisiana town.
Take a look:
What is this all about???????????

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July 19, 2014 10:11 am

Read the entire pitch at http://moneymappress.com/category/members-only/energy-advantage/

There are only 4 LNG projects approved or close to approval at this time.
Cheniere Energy is building a LNG export terminal in Cameron Parish.
Sempra Energy is approved to build a LNG export terminal in Hackberry, Louisiana .
Lake Charles Exports LLC, a venture between U.K.-based BG Group PLC and Texas-based Energy Transfer Equity (some approvals, but not complete).
Dominion Resources at Cove Point, Maryland. (don’t think this is approved yet).

So, you mention that the picture shows 5 large storage containers near water – go to http://www.cheniere.com (think picture on main web site is your picture). So, I think article is pushing Cheniere (LNG)

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