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By xiexgp@gmail.com, July 7, 2014

Dear Reader,

The energy world is shifting on its axis, as the United States enjoys a historic renaissance.

Oil is being extracted from places never dreamed possible, and insiders are striking it rich.

The Bakken Shale Formation in North Dakota.

The Green River Formation in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.

The Eagle Ford Shale in Texas.

Texas alone now produces 2.7 million barrels of oil per day.

As a separate nation, Texas would rank as the ninth-largest oil producing country in the world.

In the weeks ahead, it could even leap past OPEC giants like Iran, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates to become the equivalent of the sixth-largest oil producing nation.

Yet with all of the increased American production flooding the market, the price of oil has mysteriously remained steady at around $100 per barrel for the better part of four years.

Hmmm… So without the help of rising oil prices, how did big-shot oil man, Scott Shanahan, just sell a major stake in an oil empire for $4.08 million?

How did Timothy Davis just sell his stake for $1.1 million?

How did Richard Dreiden just sell his for $1.3 million?

It’s simple, really. Because unlike oil’s hyper-bullish period from 2000 to 2007, the fortunes presently being made have nothing to do with the price of oil.

In fact, fundamentals don’t even matter right now.

The supply of oil doesn’t matter.

The demand for oil doesn’t matter.

Price-to-earnings ratios don’t matter.

Not even revenue matters.

Only one thing matters this summer…

The location of the latest oil gusher.

Imagine earning a cut on every ounce that oozes from the ground this summer.

Well, a brilliantly calibrated “insider’s compass” could be all that stands between you and the profits.

Allow me to show you exactly how the compass works…

The needle’s been going ballistic…

As you read this, please understand that the compass just pointed toward a swatch of land ready to burst at the seams with oil.

It’s among a slew of expected gushers this summer, with gains that could easily run north of 893%.

Of course, virtually no one – outside of oilmen, drillers, CEO’s and geologists – realize that this is about to happen.

However, with just a quick skim of the last 25 years of industry data, it’s clear this compass could’ve pointed to virtually every oil fortune in recent history.

On April 30, 2014, a well in Martin County in the Permian Basin had just demonstrated the highest drilling potential of any well in that county’s history.

These particular wells belong to Energen Corporation (EGN).

Armed with this compass, within 48 hours, early-investors could’ve scored a 115% windfall.

With virtually no movement in the price of oil, 19 days after official news concerning that extraordinary well in Martin County hit the wires, Chuck Phillips sold a stake in Energen for $1.3 million.

Rusty Wilson sold his stake for $762K only 12 days later.

Jeff Harden sold his for $2.1 million eight days after.

Day after day, this compass will keep finding profit opportunities. That is, profits typically reserved for high-level, big-money oilmen.

The only reason you’re not among them (yet), is because this compass is recalibrated – almost daily – with data and other criteria that only insiders would likely find useful.

That’s why I call it the “insider’s” compass.

Just how powerful a tool is it?

Well, I’ve seen countless instances where this compass would’ve minted fortunes inside of a few hours.

On May 9, 2014, record-setting oil production was reported coming from specific wells in Andrew County’s northern Spraberry/Wolfcamp acreage in the Midland basin in West Texas.

One particular well had demonstrated the highest 24-hour peak initial production rate for any well in the Midland basin to date, and the proprietor was already feeling the financial impact of every drop coming out of the ground.

The wells are property of Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD).

Armed with this compass, within 24 hours, early-investors could’ve scored a 99% profit.

On that same day, May 9, Dennis Kellogg sold a stake in Pioneer Natural Resources for $2.5 million.

Frederick Reynolds sold his stake for $202K.

Jonathon Wiseman sold his for $200K on the exact same day, as well.

I don’t need to remind you that the benchmark indexes all sit at record highs.

The geopolitical crisis in the Ukraine is creating even more market uncertainty.

Oh, and U.S. banks remain on shaky ground, too.

Who needs all that stress when it comes to their investing?

Imagine, instead, having access to a compass that could point toward one fortune after another.

On May 5, 2014, powerful information surfaced out of the Rocky Mountains’ DJ Basin and Powder River Basin.

On the scene: Karim heads to the Rockies to investigate firsthand. (1 min 58 sec)

That is, estimated net potential reserves of approximately 400 million barrels of oil with 735 potential drilling locations and approximately 10 years of inventory.

The wells are property of EOG Resources (EOG).

Armed with this compass, within 24 hours, early-investors could’ve made a 392% killing.

Just six days after the news of a potential 400-million-barrel gusher broke, Leonard Hoy sold a stake in EOG Resources for $1.05 million.

Manny Drew sold his stake for $300K just 17 days later.

This compass is why I enjoy ZERO competition…

My name is Karim Rahemtulla. I’m easily the most influential independent resource expert on the planet.

I’ve circled the globe more than 50 times tracking the flow of oil.

I’m fluent in eight languages.

I’ve been inside of oil’s forbidden “hot zones” like I