written by reader Tony Sagami teasing “This “$1 Dynamo” is Preparing to Tap 10 Bakken Oil Formations”

By xiexgp@gmail.com, July 18, 2014

Anyone know which company he is pitching?
This ”$1 Dynamo” is Preparing to Tap 10 Bakken Oil Formations

Here’s the one, tiny company — trading for $1.21 — about to crack open a gas jackpot worth upwards of $2 trillion … and why it could double your money by September, 2014 … and hand you gains of 536% in the next 12 months … and potentially soar as high as 3,548%!

Dear Friend,

It was 8 AM and my coffee was getting cold when Professor Peter Hartley sucker punched me.

You may not be familiar with Professor Hartley by name, but, rest assured, some of the world’s wealthiest are very familiar with his work.

BHP Billiton, the largest natural resource company in the world, awarded him their chairmanship.

Effectively, they declared him the world’s #1 expert on all things related to natural resources.

And yet, here I was … bleary-eyed and jet-lagged from my nine-hour flight from Thailand to Australia … getting my teeth kicked in by him. A college professor, no less.

But I’m glad he did. It might have been the most profitable walloping I’ve ever had. Because the moment it happened, Professor Hartley revealed the most off-the-radar opportunity about to take off in Australia.

If everything goes according to plan, this may go down in history as the largest of its kind in the history of the nation.

You see, I had flown to the ”land down under” on a mission.

Stories were circulating about one single massive deposit in Australia — the now-famous ”Arckaringa Basin,” and the firm that’s leading the charge to explore it — Linc Energy.

Little did I know how far off from the real story I was.

Today, I’m going to reveal what I ”accidentally” discovered in the great outback.

Something far more exciting, and immediately profitable, than any trumped-up speculative play … though hardly anyone I’ve come across is reporting it!

Tucked away in one of the most inhospitable regions of the world … sits an investment opportunity so ripe for the taking, it’s a wonder the New York Times, Forbes, or The Wall Street Journal isn’t blowing it up.

Not yet.

My flight to Australia has given me a unique insight into a rapidly-unfolding situation … and how shrewd investors who get in at the ground-floor could secure an easy windfall … all thanks to an almost completely unknown company I’ve nicknamed the ”$1 Dynamo.”

But don’t be fooled — because this tiny company, with a market cap of less than $2 billion, holds the key to doubling every dollar you invest by no later than my forecast of September, 2014.

I’ll explain the significance of that date in just a moment — and why this company is set to make more profit in the next 4 months than they’ve made in all the last 3 years combined.

As we speak, they’re racing to unleash a gas deposit worth as much as $2 trillion.

I’ll show you why behemoths of the oil industry, like Chevron, ConocoPhillips, and Hess are moving in to grab a slice of the profits (and why, ultimately, another country may even potentially invest $50 billion or more directly into the ”$1 Dynamo’s” coffers!).

Early investors could make money hand over fist, with my figures showing every $1,000 could come back as $2,000 by September, 2014.

Once you see exactly why I use that date, you’ll understand why everything under the sun is telling me it’s a slam-dunk.

Better yet, as the firm continues to steamroll its competition, it could easily hand folks who get in at the ground-floor gains above and beyond 500% within the next 12 months!

And, using history as our guide, it’s not unreasonable for this stock to go even further — as high as 3,548.65% … enough to snowball every $5,000 into $182,432.50 … and the firm would still only be trading at $42!

Before our time is up today, you’ll understand exactly why Professor Hartley clobbered me in his office …

You’ll see how it led me to this incredible discovery …

And you’ll see why my ”accidental” find may result in an investment so powerful, it will wipe out the decade of loss we’ve just emerged from … and give you a solid stake in what may go down as the greatest energy endeavor in the history of Australia.

My name, by the way, is Tony Sagami.

I made my fortune in the 1990s building successful tech companies — including my own software firm.

With success came the responsibility to invest my wealth. I did well — and soon I found myself helping others invest their wealth as well.

And over the past decade, I have helped thousands of my fellow investors grow their money.

In 2000, for instance — ONE DAY from the very top of the tech boom — I told my readers to sell all their tech stocks.

And one month later, when many were saying that the worst was over, I ran a big, bold headline reading:

”The Worst Is Yet to Come. Cash Is Your Only Safe Harbor.”

I even showed my readers how to make gains of 460%, 663%, and 949% in just 12 months using options.

More recently — on August 8, 2011 — a lot of folks were getting nervous about stocks. I ran a big, bold, blaring headline in my newsletter that virtually screamed, ”Buy … don’t run!”

Once again, I hit the nail on the head: As it turned out, that recommendation came really close to the absolute low for the year and the beginning of a rally that took stock prices 30% higher.

Now, I’m not saying any of this to brag … far from it. I’m only mentioning my background to emphasize one important point: after more than 26-years of involvement in the markets, I’ve never seen a set-up as good as this one.

This phenomenon occurring in Australia may very well be the easiest money-maker I’ve ever come across.

For reasons I’ll get to shortly, this ”$1 Dynamo” could easily double by September, 2014.

Do you want one investment that could potentially pay off your home?

How about buy a new car?

Or would you like to make sure your children, or grandchildren, can get a quality college education?

After 26 years, I can confidently say ”this is it.”

Before going further, it’s critical I emphasize one important point: none of my research here is based on any private or secret information. And I haven’t somehow ”bugged” a boardroom to hear what’s going on. All of my findings are a result of my blood, sweat and tears from hard work in-the-trenches.

However, while the information is public, you have to remember: there are over 46,000 stocks traded globally.

Keeping up with any of them, especially from the outside, is a challenge.

This is where my approach to investing is different from all the pencil-pushers: I personally fly out to investigate my picks … which gives me a chance to entrench myself in country’s economy and get a boots-on-the-ground view of things.

When you talk to people — especially top-level professionals in any given industry, in any given country — you get pointed to some truly remarkable opportunities.

And that goes back to my encounter with Professor Peter Hartley in his office at the University of Western Australia.

The Real Profit Powerhouse

Like I said earlier, I flew to Australia with one goal in mind: to investigate what some were calling the largest oil deposit in the world.

To that effect, I sought out Professor Peter Hartley … who many would consider the #1 natural resource expert in the world.

And, the moment I opened my mouth, Professor Hartley delivered a swift blow.

Just as I started to explain my interests in the Arckaringa Basin, and Linc Energy, Professor Hartley shook his head and told me to forget all of that.

Instead, he told me about a different company — one whose share price is sitting at a mere $1.21, right now. By literally going against what everyone said, this firm successfully unlocked a completely different deposit in Australia … a deposit worth as much as $2 trillion … and they’re the only ones tackling it right now.

Plus, this ”$1 Dynamo” may very well soon be integral in executing the largest oil contract in the country’s history as a result.

But, as Professor Hartley explained … this firm is flying under the radar with every Wall Street diehard, but it has gotten attention from BIG companies, who have come forward with cash in hand.

The Energy Revolution Hits Australia

As you might have figured out, Professor Hartley didn’t physically attack me.

Instead, he eliminated several preconceived notions I had arrived with … and opened my eyes to something even better.

You see, he gave me — by name — one of the biggest industry jackpots that hardly anyone is talking about.

Part of the reason is simple: while all eyes are focused on the potential of Australia’s more controversial ”Arckaringa Basin,” this firm found a different place to explore … and hit a $2 trillion mother lode.

My research shows this ”$1 Dynamo” is on the launch-pad … and within the next few months, it’s going to take every investor on board to the moon.

I consider a gain of at least 100% to already be in the bag.

And, if History Repeats, It Could Be Much, Much Better.

Let’s take a step back.

To truly understand the enormity of this opportunity, you have to see what kind of rewards others have enjoyed when anything like it has happened before.

The most recent example is the ”second coming” of the USA.

On the ”back” of a single formation — the Bakken formation stretching out of North Dakota — the USA basically got brought back from the brink of economic ruin.

The United States went from a dead-man walking — a slave to the sheikdoms of the Middle East — to a symbol of throwing off the shackles of OPEC’s dominance of crude.

Suddenly, articles were cropping up everywhere — from Reuters, to The New York Times and The Guardian — that the United States would become the ”world’s largest oil producing nation by 2017.”

Then, Citi published an earthshaking report stating the USA would become energy independent by the year 2020.

Now, all of these declarations of America bouncing back from the brink of oil slavery were spawned by a single oil formation: the Bakken.

The Bakken is a ”tight” oil formation about 200,000 square miles in size, stretching all the way from North Dakota to Canada.

Tight oil simply means it needs to be fracked in order for the oil to be recovered.

Before you could say ”revolution,” the emergence of tight oil and the Bakken dramatically repositioned the USA near the top of the global energy hierarchy.

Since then, other formations have come online — like the Eagle Ford Shale formation in Texas, and the Marcellus formation in Pennsylvania.

And believe me, not only have they changed America’s destiny … they’ve made some folks fabulously wealthy.

One recent article in The Wall Street Journal even humorously explained the situation with one great headline: ”Where to Go If You Want To Marry a Millionaire.”

And there’s a good reason why.

Since 2012, North Dakota — the root of all this new oil — has added 53,000 new millionaires.

And the companies that planted their feet in the oil basin have made investors profits hand-over-fist.

Linn Energy, for example, has jumped 101.89%.

Paramount Resources jumped 523.35% …

Gulfport Energy Corp. — an oil firm operating out of the Bakken and several other U.S. tight oil formations — has jumped 1,267.33%.

And Kodiak Oil & Gas went to the stratosphere, spinning over a gain of 3,548.65%.

How life-changing could one of them have been?

Kodiak alone would have generated $354,800 in profit for every $10,000 invested.

And those four are merely a snapshot. Over 50 companies stampeded to the Bakken and other formations when the deposit figures got published.

Many of them have delivered incredible gains as well.

So, why have I been talking about the U.S. oil boom, when this new formation — and the company behind it — are nowhere near the states?

To drive a point home:

You see, the REAL Game-Changer
for the U.S.A. Was Not the Oil Itself.

What fundamentally kicked open the doors for America’s history-making comeback was the technology that enabled them to tap all the oil trapped in those formations.

Land mass surveys had shown for years there was a mega-deposit of oil at these various locations … but until there were sufficient advances in fracking and horizontal drilling tech, nobody could touch a drop of the stuff.

In short, fracking is the real hero.

And now, this controversial technology is repeating the same dynamic opportunity in Australia.

About 100 miles northeast of Adelaide, Australia, one tiny oil firm turned on the fracking drills and got down to business.

They didn’t even need to find some vague, untouched well to do it, either.

You see, for over 50 years there has been one reliable basin in Australia — the Cooper Basin.

In its 50-year history, this basin generated a mere 6 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

And now, thanks to fracking technology, this company is about to rewrite history … and make investors who jump on it with both hands rich beyond their dreams of avarice.

Here’s why.

$2 Trillion Gas Jackpot

Recently, this firm reviewed its potential resources — using fracking technology — to tap this single gas deposit in the Cooper Basin.

The results are shocking, to say the least.

Their findings show an estimated 600 trillion cubic feet of gas … worth approximately $2 trillion … more than the entire GDP of Australia itself!

Of that, anywhere from 10-20% is ready to be extracted, right now.

That’s 60-120 trillion cubic feet of natural gas … valued at anywhere from $201 billion to $502 billion.

And this company currently only has a market cap of less than $2 billion!

And to really drive the point home … consider this.

Remember the Bakken formation I mentioned — the formation that has helped catapult dozens of companies’ share prices by anywhere from 100%-3,000%?

Well, even if the ”$1 Dynamo” can only extract 10% of the estimated deposit, that’s 10-times more natural gas than the entire Bakken formation.

Plus, it’s an extremely convenient location.

Like I said, the Cooper Basin is not a brand-new discovery.

Wells have been operating in the region for half a century … which gives this tiny firm a unique advantage.

Because of their location, they have easier access to the network of pipelines out of Moomba.

While it may seem trivial, lack of pipelines for efficient oil and gas distribution caused a logjam in the United States that caused the spot price of crude to nosedive.

Freefalling oil prices caused well operators across the country to bleed red ink everywhere and temporarily slow down drilling operations until they could get new distribution channels up and running.

This deposit won’t suffer the same fate.

It’s located in the heart of an already well-developed oil network in Australia.

That’s why, even with the hype around the Arckaringa basin being larger, the ”$1 Dynamo’s” operation is what will change history.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, this Cooper deposit may become Australia’s first commercial source of shale oil and gas.

And this is going to serve another huge purpose … because there’s one group starving for Australia’s natural gas … and they’re willing to pay top dollar for it.

I’m talking about China.

The Next Multi-Billion Dollar Bonanza?

China has been suffering from energy shortages for years.

Nothing they’ve done has helped them keep the lights on.

As BusinessWeek reported: ”China’s power outages come early and often.”

The Land of the Rising sun has had to ration electricity on more than one occasion.

Hence why China doesn’t shy away from investing into potential remedies for what ails their energy sector.

Just a few years ago, they executed the largest energy export deal in Australian history.

In a landmark agreement, PetroChina signed up to buy $50 billion worth of liquefied natural gas from the Aussies over the next 20 years.

The deal encompassed the still-undeveloped Gorgon field off the coast of Western Australia, managed by ExxonMobil.

But here’s what makes the opportunity in front of us in the Cooper Basin more mouthwatering.

This history making deal was for a gas deposit of 40 trillion cubic feet!

This tiny firm’s deposit is anywhere from 50% to 300% larger … maybe even more.

Can I promise China will swoop in and pour billions down on our ”$1 Dynamo?”

Well, no … but someone seems to see the potential for another watershed deal …

Because …

Chevron is expected to pay this tiny firm a record $349 million by September 2014, to cement its claim in their discovery.

Tell me: when a firm is sitting in on a minimum 10-times more gas than the world’s most famous energy deposit … a mind-boggling amount of gas worth as much as $2 trillion …

And is preparing to receive a near half-billion capital injection from Chevron, the world’s second-most profitable company …

And it has the potential to quickly attract billions more from the likes of China due to its immense gas deposit … maybe even breaking the record for largest export deal in the nation’s history …

What kind of effect do you think that could have on the share price?

Especially considering that, at only $1.21, this stock has plenty of room to move. We’re still in the very early innings.

Even if it takes off like Kodiak Oil and Gas did in the USA, and jumps 3,548% … the stock would still only be $44.

A gain like that would pay a profit of $35,486.50 for every $1,000 invested.

Naturally, catching the entire move would be virtually impossible with this stock or any stock, and with any type of investing no one has a crystal ball that can predict the future with any certainty. But even if we ignore the high-end … you can bet your bottom dollar this stock is about to move in a big way.

When you more-than-triple a company’s profits, and put them at the epicenter of the greatest gas revolution in national history, it only has one way to move: up.

Chevron isn’t the only giant who smells blood either.

ConocoPhillips, for example, to sign a deal with veteran Australian oil firm, Santos, to explore the area for natural gas.

But nobody will hold a torch to our ”$1 Dynamo” … especially since it’s already entrenched in development, with expectations to increase production by more than 10% this year alone.

In short: not only do I think this stock is going to double in the next few months … but I expect it to soar even higher from there.

Your Roadmap to this Unique Opportunity

In 26 years, I’ve never seen an investment that offered such a sure-fire chance to at least double your money.

And you can bet I’ve never seen one that actually had a time-table for when it could double your money by.

To be honest, we’ve only touched upon a few details here … and there’s still a lot more ground to cover.

That’s why, just recently, I put the finishing touches on a brand-new volume.

This document goes into even more depth about the ”$1 Dynamo,” including its ticker symbol … how to buy shares immediately … how many shares to buy … what price you should buy them at (this can make a huge difference) … where to set your stop losses … what to expect in the near-term … and much, much more.

All told, this comprehensive dossier will make sure you’re 100% informed before taking any action whatsoever.

I named this volume ”The $1 Dynamo: Double Your Money By September Thanks to This Bargain-Priced Jackpot.”

A similar report from other financial analysts could easily run you thousands, but my publisher — Uncommon Wisdom Daily — has set the rate at a mere $49, to make sure it’s well within the reach of every day market watchers.


My goal is to help the ”little guy” get rich, not pad the pockets of people who, frankly, have already made their millions.

However, as part of a very special event, I’ve negotiated something even better for you …

A way for you to get this report 100% free of charge.

Even better, I’ll include an interview I did with one of the ”$1 Dynamo’s” executives while in Australia. During this 23-minute conversation, this man shared some down-and-dirty details about the ”$1 Dynamo’s” operations … their road-blocks … the barriers keeping out competition … and the potential pay-load his company is just inches away from. You’ll get my new report and this exclusive interview free today as part of a very special — and limited — initiative.

But before I get into that, I want to shed light on a couple more opportunities I discovered while in the outback.

And it just so happened to have been — arguably — the most powerful man in Australia who told me about them.

Despite what hot-shots on Wall Street want you to think, none of them really get to hang out with the truly powerful people in the world.

A Joe Schmoe analyst couldn’t get within 10 yards of any real elected official.

Part of that is being afraid to get up from their desks and use some elbow grease.

It’s because I have no qualms about getting up and flying across the world on a hunch that I, by luck … and maybe a little design … found myself sitting across from Richard Sellers one afternoon in Australia.

Mr. Sellers is the Director General of the Western Australia Department of Mines and Petroleum. As a result, he may very well be the most influential and powerful man in the nation.


Well, simply because his jurisdiction is the life-blood of Australia.

For example …

Western Australia, alone, makes up 46% of Australia’s exports.

It makes up nearly 16% of Australia’s GDP — and has less than 10% of the population.

Studies also show that if Western Australia was its own nation, this state would rank as one of the world’s top 50 economies.

The world’s largest single deposit of rare earths — the metals we use for smart phones, hybrid cars, headphones, laptops, and much more — is located in Western Australia.

And, really, the list goes on.

To sum it up: Western Australia is an economic powerhouse.

Mr. Sellers is the overseer for one of the most important commodity sectors in the world … so when he speaks about resources like oil, gas, rare earths, and more … it pays to listen.

During our 22-minute conversation, Mr. Sellers gave the thumbs up on two firms … and dove into why they could perform better than ever in the next few months.

The best part?

Due to a minor market correction, one of these stocks is priced at a song … making it drop-dead easy, and cheap, to buy up shares by the fistful.

Frankly, an interview of this caliber between a market analyst and such a top-ranking official is not common.

We could easily stick a price tag upwards of $249 for the ”intel” Mr. Sellers gives us here … topped off with rock-solid investment picks I personally researched.

However, I don’t want to charge you for this.

Instead, I want to give you access to this interview … and my hot-off-the-presses report, ”The $1 Dynamo” … as well as the discussion I had with one of the ”$1 Dynamo’s” executives … free of charge.

That’s a value of at least $249 free for you today, to keep no matter what.


Just consider the tiny firm revealed in my special report is perfectly positioned to double your money by September, 2014. And it could spin off even more gains — with history showing it could easily pay you a profit of $34 for every $1 invested.

Then, to sweeten the pot, you’ll also get the inside scoop on Australia’s resource powerhouses and the biggest investment opportunities buried across the outback.

I want to give you immediate access to all of these materials in the next five minutes, for you to get right down to business.

You’ll get them as free gifts when you agree to participate in the rollout of my brand-new investor newsletter, ”Disruptors & Dominators.”

Frankly, I think you’re going to agree that this publication will be worth many times more than these reports and the interviews, combined.

You see, over the last few years I confined myself to a single elite research service I’ve been managing. Access to that research runs $4,000 a year.

Still, it has delivered stellar results … like 68.18% on Rockwell Automation, 72.58% on Starbucks, 101% on Toyota, and even 147% on Nike, among many others.

All of these are very fast plays that tend to be on the more speculative trader side.

It’s because I manage this service I found myself in Australia and discovered the ”$1 Dynamo.”

But that’s where my dilemma started.

After reviewing the ”$1 Dynamo” and its money-doubling potential … and the scope of the $2 trillion situation in Australia … I realized I had an obligation to get the word out.

Look, I know the last three decades have not been kind.

We’ve endured the S&L Crisis, the tech wreck, the housing bust, the credit crisis, the euro crisis, and more. We’re still on the line in the U.S. for trillions in debt — which will have to be dealt with sooner than later.

And regardless of how much Wall Street wants to sing hymns about how wonderful 2013 was for the market … you and I know that it was a mere drop in the bucket after 10 years of flat returns.

So when the ”$1 Dynamo” fell in my lap, I decided I would not just broadcast it to my exclusive circulation list … I would make it a point to get you all the details you’d need to take action on this opportunity.

But, I couldn’t just blast it to hundreds of thousands of my readers at Uncommon Wisdom Daily.

Remember: this stock trades for a mere $1.21. If too many people flood in at once, the price could easily be driven through the roof artificially.

After thinking it over, I decided to take my investing ethos — the same one where I showed my readers how to nail gains of 46.83%, 54.76%, 100%, 102%, even 147% over the last few years — and concentrate it into another, more easily accessible publication.

I named it ”Disruptors & Dominators.”

The reason is simple: there are only two ways to make money in the market — find the guys who are ”disrupting” the order of things and making a profit … or find the guys who are dominating their section of the market.

This concept forms a major part of my investment method.

With disruptors you get more speculative plays that could yield enormous gains.

The ”$1 Dynamo” is an excellent example. At only $1.21, this firm is shaking up the foundations of the Australian oil industry … which could ultimately result with their stock doubling by September 2014 and even zooming up 3,548% in a few years.

A disruptor like the ”$1 Dynamo” could yield a profit of $35,000 for every $1,000 invested.

Then there’s dominators. These are firms that nobody expects could yield enormous profits because of their size … but, with the right timing, are capable of making even skeptical, conservative investors gobs of money.

And that’s why I created this brand-new publication, ”Disruptors & Dominators.”

As editor of ”Disruptors & Dominators,” it will be my duty to uncover money-making opportunities every month that my readers will feel confident investing their hard-earned dollars into.

And, with your permission, I’d like to add you to the circulation list for the first ever public offering of this publication. Your only commitment today would be a one-year risk-free test drive.


If you agree to join, I’ll give you my soon-to-be blockbuster report, ”The $1 Dynamo” … I’ll also give you the recording of my one-on-one interview with an executive from the ”$1 Dynamo.” During that conversation, this executive blew the lid off some very exciting developments.

Then, I’ll also give you a copy of my recorded, unprecedented interview with Richard Sellers, Director General of the Western Australia Department of Mines and Petroleum.

During my chat with Mr. Sellers, he revealed some truly mouth-watering opportunities happening in this resource-dense region.

Specifically, you’ll get ticker symbols for two companies poised to soar in the months ahead.

I’ll even include free transcripts of both interviews for you to read through at your leisure.

Along with the report and audio files, I’ll also rush you your first issue of ”Disruptors & Dominators” to review.

Then, I’ll send you a new issue every month for the next year — and updates on existing positions every week.

You could have all of this starting in the new few minutes if you give me the go ahead to start your 12-month risk-free test drive of ”Disruptors & Dominators.”

Now, hold that thought.

Because before I show you how to start your one-year trial, and claim all these goodies, I want to clue you in on another opportunity.

This one is starting to gain momentum in the media, but I’m concerned for the financial well-being of thousands of investors who could be getting scammed by investment ”gurus.”

I’m talking about …

The Greatest Revolution Since the Rise of the Internet.

This is truly a world-wide game-changer.

There’s a watershed technology currently making its rounds through the media … a technology that is threatening to topple some of the world’s oldest regimes of wealth …

It could send industrial giants, and retailers, reeling as it tears their balance sheets to ribbons.

Indeed, The Economist reports this technology is ”likely to disrupt every field it touches.”

And Forbes and The Harvard Business Review both unanimously declared it will ”change the world.”

At its core, this is a manufacturing revolution. More importantly, it will decentralize much of the world’s wealth and power, giving birth to new industrial titans and minting new millionaires.

As you may have guessed, I’m talking about 3D printing — or additive manufacturing as it’s called in more technical circles.

The process of 3D printing is simple: using a special device, many of which can fit on top of a regular office desk, you and I can become our own manufacturing company.

With the click of a button, we can build ourselves new TVs … new cell phones … new computers … Even guns and, as some reports are showing, food.

3D printing works by stacking hundreds of thousands of tiny layers of material on top of each other.

All you do is download a design off the internet, turn on the 3D printer, and watch as it goes to work.

The potential is truly breath-taking.

Bioengineers are already promising to print functional human hearts within a decade!

On a smaller scale, customization will become the new trend.

Instead of having to mass produce goods from molds — as old manufacturing did — 3D printing makes it a snap to order customized seats for your car … or the perfect shoes for your feet …

And much, much more.

Heck, NASA is moving forward right now to develop 3D printing of food in space.

At the moment, the 3D printing industry is worth around $777 million … but Forbes expects it to nearly quadruple within the next 2 years to $3.1 billion.

That’s an explosion of money nobody in their right mind should ignore.

And the potential rewards are enormous.

Just consider Cisco Systems.

Cisco was at the ground-floor of the Internet and technology boom in the 1990s … and rode the market as a high-flying tech stock until the tech wreck.

However, everyone only thinks of the crash that cut Cisco in half … nobody realizes this firm is still up 27,767%.

And if you had cashed out at the top of the boom?

You could have nailed a gain of 84,115%.

Meaning that by riding the internet boom with Cisco, you would have made a profit of $84,115 for every $100.

I think the 3D printing revolution offers even better prospects.

Truth be told, I could fill a whole report out with the depth of this revolution … and the incredible wealth it will generate for savvy investors who know where to park their cash.

That’s why I did … and the result is another volume I want to send you today, free of charge.

It’s called Bigger than the Internet: Five Ways to Cash in on The Second Industrial Revolution.

In this comprehensive volume, I’ll explore every detail of 3D printing — everything you need to know to completely understand what this new technology is all about.

Then, I’ll introduce you to not one … not two … but five companies I believe will hand you the biggest gains as 3D printing reshaped the world around us.

Looking at some figures, I’m confident any one of these companies could easily generate a gain of at least 589% within the next 12-24 months.

And down the road?

I believe you could easily be looking at ultimately a gain of anywhere from 27,767% to even 84,115%.

Not only will you be at the forefront of one of the world’s most-disruptive technologies — ever — but you’ll also stand to make huge, life-changing profits as a result.

And I’m going to give you the five best companies to give you the five companies I believe could make that a reality for you.

I also want to point out that, as history has shown, the inventors don’t necessarily make the biggest bucks on their inventions.

Colonel Edwin Drake, for example, invented the modern oil drilling technique — basically giving birth to the petroleum age … but he died nearly broke.

So while investors are flocking to 3D Systems (who I recommend as well), it’s critical you understand they most likely won’t be the biggest winner when it’s all said and done.

I reveal all five of my fully vetted picks in this new investment dossier, Bigger Than The Internet, which my publisher plans to retail for $75 on its own.

This report is yours, free, when you give me the green-light to sign you up for a one year risk-free trial of my just-launched investment newsletter, ”Disruptors & Dominators.”


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•My new investment report, ”The $1 Dynamo”
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•A recording of my exclusive face-to-face interview with Richard Sellers, Director General of the Western Australia Department of Mines and Petroleum.
•AND a copy of my investigative report, ”Bigger Than The Internet.”

All told, you’re getting 8 investments … with companies that have the potential to deliver gains of 100% … to as high as 84,000% … all with the data to back up your decision the moment you decide to buy into them.

Any one of these stocks could fundamentally change your life.

All of them combined?

Well, you’d be riding some of the biggest investment trends of the decade.

I haven’t seen anything like these in my 26 years as an analyst.

Indeed, these opportunities are so good, they’re what inspired me to kickstart this publication, ”Disruptors & Dominators.”

Furthermore, I think this publication may very well be one of my best projects in my career.

I think we’re on the cusp of some truly remarkable technological innovations … and there are waves of profit to ride as a result.

Every day people are finding new ways to take us further into the future — whether that’s by boldly exploring written-off oil deposits or finding ways to print guns in our living rooms …

And I’m thrilled to help you tap into each of these events to extract the most profit.

In fact, I’m so sure this will be one of my greatest achievements, I want you to take the next twelve months to decide whether I’m right or not.


Life-Changing or Your Money Back

Here’s the deal: when you agree to participate in this initial launch of ”Disruptors & Dominators” … I’ll instantly make all these reports available to you.

You can crack them open within the next few minutes.

You’ll also have the interviews to listen to … and the transcripts to peruse.

Going forward, you’ll get one new issue of ”Disruptors & Dominators” every month, each containing a brand new investment that I’ve personally investigated.

And not just from behind my desk at my home office, but typically boots-on-the-ground, in-the-trenches research.

I don’t cut corners when money is on the line.

You get all my findings packed into a newsletter spanning anywhere from 10-14 pages each month.

I want you to tear into each issue and devour all the money-making information I deliver to you for the next 12 months.

That’s an entire year.

If at any time in the next year you are anything but 100% thrilled with your subscription, call and let me know. I will immediately refund you your subscription fee and you can keep everything you’ve received up until then.

That’s my way of saying thanks for giving me a fair shake.

Then again, I doubt you’ll cancel on me.

I’m going to pour everything I have into this publication. And once you see the potential — starting with the picks in these reports you’re getting — I’m sure you and I will work together for many years to come.


That being said, I’m sure the big question on your mind is …

How much is this going to cost me, Sagami?

I think you’re going to agree it’s very reasonable.

Keep in mind: my other research service — which deals with more highly speculative, fast-paced investments — retails for $4,000 a year.

But I want to make ”Disruptors & Dominators” as easy to join as it is for you to pay your cable bill.

The regular rate for ”Disruptors & Dominators” will be $99.

But, because this is the first official public offering of this publication, we’ll do you one better.

Much, much better.

Until September, 2014 — which I’m confident the ”$1 Dynamo” will double by — my publisher has consented to slashing $50 off the rate to join ”Disruptors & Dominators.”

That means you have the chance to claim a no-risk one year subscription to my brand new publication for just $49.

Let me put that in perspective: the average person pays $78 a month for cable, or $936 a year.

That’s to watch football games, movies, television shows … All of that fun stuff.

Now, for 1/19th of what you pay annually for cable, you can get monthly injections of new, red-hot investments straight into your inbox.

Or, I’ll do you one better.

You can sign up for a two year subscription for just $89 — a savings of $109.

In fact, here’s a better bargain: sign up for a two year subscription, and I’ll include a third year FREE. That’s a total of $208 you save while locking in three years of my no-nonsense investment research.


How to Get Started

Let’s sum everything up …

By agreeing to be among the first subscribers for the rollout of my new investment newsletter, ”Disruptors & Dominators” … and by agreeing to do it before September, 2014 … you’re locking in these four free gifts:

My new investment report, ”The $1 Dynamo” — which reveals the tiny firm I believe is set to double by September of 2014.

This firm is preparing to tap a gas formation 10-times the size of America’s famous Bakken formation … and they could do it with all expenses paid by the world’s second-largest company.

You also get my revealing interview with an executive from the ”$1 Dynamo,” who provides some of the firm’s nitty-gritty details.

You also get a recording of my conversation with, arguably, the most powerful man in Australia — Richard Sellers.

Richard gives me his opinion on Australia’s resources … and the ones which are about to bear the most fruit for investors. As Australia’s leading official in its most resource-dense area … you can bet his opinions carry serious weight.

During our conversation, two companies came up. You’ll get full details in the recording.

You’ll also get transcripts of both recordings, to review at your leisure.

Plus, you get a copy of my latest investment report — Bigger Than The Internet.

In this volume, I dive right into the greatest technological revolution since the Internet … and the greatest single rebalancing of power and industry since the Industrial Revolution: 3D printing.

In this report, I outline all the need-to-know about 3D printing. Then, I reveal five firms I think could go to the moon as a result.

I think any of these firms could hand you a gain of 589% within the next 12-24 months … and, in a few years, may even ultimately turn every $100 invested into $84,000.

Furthermore, you get a $50 discount on the regular rate for a one year subscription.

For $49, you’ll get …
•12 monthly issues, each one containing a new, red-hot investment … with all the details you need to confidently pull the trigger.
•You’ll also get weekly videos, where I explain what the next opportunity I’m eyeballing is … where I’m traveling to in order to unearth a new opportunity … and also a look back to see what happened to our existing positions over the previous week.
•And, don’t worry: you’ll also get emergency notifications. If there’s a sudden change that could dramatically affect any of our holdings, you can rest assured that I’ll be on it as soon as possible. I’ll immediately send out a brief, urgent update to keep you up-to-speed on everything.
•To the effect of making sure you never feel lost, you’ll also get our exclusive toll-free Client Care Hotline number. These folks are trained to help make sure you subscription is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Of course, your $49 is also 100% risk-free.

You have the next 12 months to decide whether or not ”Disruptors & Dominators” is for you.


If you decide in that time that it falls short of what I’ve made it out to be, you can simply call the Client Care Hotline or email me and we’ll immediately issue a complete refund.

Or, if you decide to go for my even better two-year offer … meaning you pay $89 for two years and get a third year FREE of charge … you have 24 months to decide if this is for you.

Either way, you’ll get a 100% refund AND you get to keep everything you’ve received up until that point.

My gut tells me you won’t be cancelling though.

I’m 100% confident that the ”$1 Dynamo” is a grand-slam. It could at least double your money by September, 2014. Even a $1,000 investment becoming $2,000 would be enough to cover your one-year subscription 250-times over.

And if it goes even higher?

Well, not only will you make back your investment … but you may completely change your quality of life.

All that said, I urge you to start now … and make sure you claim this offer no later than September 1, 2014.

After that, I’ll be pulling down this offer altogether and you’ll lose the chance to profit from one of the easiest setups I’ve seen in over 26 years as an analyst.

I look forward to working with you.


Tony Sagami Sig.

Tony Sagami
Editor, Disruptors & Dominators


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July 20, 2014 1:22 am

It’s Beach Petroleum (BEPT). I bought 1000 shares when the price is $1.51. I paid $47.00 for one year subscription. So far, I think it’s worth it.

Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
July 21, 2014 11:11 am

Yep, we covered that one here — he’s been pushing it for quite a while: http://www.stockgumshoe.com/reviews/disruptors-dominators/whats-tony-sagamis-1-dynamo-of-australian-shale-gas/

👍 16195
July 22, 2014 2:47 pm

This is a New World Investor Tease, by Mike Murphy Does anyone know what this 10 Bagger Medical Stock Is?

Lynn Pozmanter was worried. Although she and her husband, Murray, were of average height, their beloved daughter Lauren always was short. And she knew it. When she asked her mom and dad why she was so short, they would say: “You’ll grow, you’ll grow.”
By the time she was 12 years old and only 4′ 5″, she had fallen off the bottom of the growth chart. Finally, her doctor referred her to an endocrinologist. He found that she had growth hormone deficiency – her body did not produce enough growth hormone to stimulate normal growth. Further tests determined she was not about to grow much taller without medical intervention.

The specialists put her on human growth hormone. She grew 7 inches in two years, until her bones fused in puberty. She may stay on low dose human growth hormone for a few more years, to gain a few extra inches.
Patricia Costa was worried too. Her daughter also was short. By the time Nicole fit on a tricycle, kids her age were on two-wheelers. Sometimes short children can’t reach a water fountain or the lavatory in school, and the other kids make fun of them. Nicole’s day camp went to an amusement park that had a height requirement to go on the rides. Everyone rode except Nicole.
Nicole was on human growth hormone from age 8 to 13. Today, she’s a happy 5′ 2″ adult.
Both of these kids were heroes, because they had to get a growth hormone shot every day – Lauren for two years and counting, Nicole for five years. Every day. Like juvenile diabetes, the diagnosis was a sentence to being stuck with a needle every day.
Until now. One company invented and patented needle-free injectors that could handle human growth hormone, administering the precise amount needed to boost a child’s growth, without needing to painfully stick the child everyday.

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