written by reader MANNY BACKUS vs Dr.K….or do they agree?

By robinsteel, August 6, 2014

Backus is touting his ”expertise” at picking ”Penny Stock level Bio Tech”

He wants to sell us his ”service” to get his hot tips, but I wonder if we already have discussed them here with Dr. Kss?

Have any of you Irregulars seen the list? Does Dr Kss have opinions on them? Inquiring minds want to know, since the demise of RGDO, AHRO, & the Benetech slide, I have learned the lesson that this is a rough sector to anticipate, and even though the science seems to be on the right track, there are many stops and derailments that can set us up for a fall…
I have the feeling that astute vultures are reading our comments and shorting every stock that we choose to follow, because we are all jumping in at the same time and the spike up makes us susceptible to
the ”laws of volatility” that keep stocks close to the ”moving averages” . Any help here from the group?

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August 6, 2014 2:38 pm

Geezus, Robert, you think like I do. But that might not necessarily
be a good thing!

I subscribe to Consensus Picks, which I assume you might as well?
About a year and a half ago, Manny Backus was promoting ZIOP
on this service. It is a Boston based biotech focused on synthetic
immuno-oncology research. The melanoma drug he’s touting
is currently in Phase 2 trials. They also have a breast cancer drug
in Phase 2. They have another drug called Ad-RTS-IL-12 that is
ready to be initiated at Phase 1. This company has been up
and down since its recommendation by the “Chess Genius”
from Peru. I think Manny’s Consensus Picks is an ok service.
But he makes more money off of his journalism than he does
his stock picks. That’s just my opinion.

In comparing Dr. Karma and Manny Backus, I’d say Dr. K is
the cat’s meeoow and Manny is the litter box. Manny of
corpse, is not a double-boarded biochemist and medical
doctor. His opinions are those of well educated and inter-
ested investor, not of an expert. Manny’s on the outside
looking in when it comes to biotech. Dr. Karma has done
this stuff everyday of his life for 35 or more years.

I’m sorry that you lost dough in BTEBY, AHRO, and RGDO.
I fear investing in this sector is no coronation. Even these
cherry picked stocks Dr. Karma has recommended can
get crushed. Did you get any RNN? I’m down 30% in
that one, and also 30% in SNWV. I’m still up in BNIKF.
I sold after it spiked, and “almost” got out in time.
I’m thinking of buying some RGDO, now that it is
down big time and on sale. Maybe it would be better
to look at these tickers as a trader would, and not
as a long term investor.

Dr. Karma spoke about ZIOP on a long ago post
and wasn’t impressed by this company’s science
or prospects. I don’t remember what he said exactly.
Maybe you could look it up if you’re interested.

Anyway, that’s just my 2 centavos. Adios and
may the odds always be in your favor.

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