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By cajungun13, August 18, 2014

How to bank $86,715 in
”Mailbox Money” EVERY month

Thanks to three hidden investments, you can
finally join the thousands of Americans
who collect huge checks from their
mailboxes every single month

Dear Reader,

Like most Americans, Richard Dockery peers into his mailbox every day…

Only he isn’t expecting bills, personal letters, or grocery store coupons.

Instead, Richard knows that once per month, a check is going to arrive — something he calls ”Mailbox Money.”

Thing is, this money doesn’t come in the form of pension or welfare checks, dividend payouts, or anything else like that.

What Richard actually receives are consistent monthly payouts thanks to a little-known investment that recently popped up in the American Southwest.

And he’s long since cashed enough of these checks to consider himself a millionaire.

Not bad for a former insurance broker who wasn’t sure when — or if — he’d ever be able to retire.

And Richard isn’t the only one collecting these six-figure (yes, six-figure) checks in ”Mailbox Money” every month.

As Richard recently put it: ”There are literally thousands of people out here who are millionaires, and some who are going to be billionaires.”

Like David Martin Philip, a cattle rancher from Texas who used his monthly checks to buy a restaurant and two local radio stations.
And Derry Gardner, who recently received $340,000 in ”Mailbox Money” and still continues to find checks in the mail.
Or Gordon Meyer, who earned enough ”Mailbox Money” to pay for his 220-acre property FOUR times over.
But enough about other people making fortunes…

Finally, thanks to three hidden investments I’ve uncovered, you can now join people like Richard Dockery and Derry Gardner in earning monthly ”Mailbox Money.”

And your first check could come in the amount of $86,715 if you give me the next few minutes to explain why this is now possible for you.

There IS a catch…

Before I get too far ahead of things here, I do have to come clean.

The ”Mailbox Money” that Richard Dockery has been collecting became available to him for two reasons…

One, he lives in Texas. And two, he owns land in one of the most resource-rich areas on the planet.

But here’s the catch…

That no longer has to be the case… anyone can cash in on what could very well be the next great investment opportunity of our lifetimes.

So, to be clear, you don’t have to live in Texas, and you don’t have to own one square inch of land to start collecting ”Mailbox Money” today.

Of course, while you might not pull in six figures every month like Richard, it’s entirely possible that — starting today — you could be on your way to pulling in three, four, or five figures without breaking a sweat.

And it’s all thanks to three hidden investments I’ve uncovered that could end up paying out ”retire now”-type money if you heed my advice and get in early.

Here’s what I’m talking about…

How to earn your first
”Mailbox Money” check

While you don’t have to live in Texas these days to collect ”Mailbox Money,” the three under-the-radar investments I’m sharing with you today DO come out of the ”Lone Star State.”

You see, America’s next huge wave of money is going to come rolling out of the Eagle Ford Shale in southern Texas — one of the most productive oil formations on Earth.

This shale deposit is a monster 20,000-square-mile tract of oil-rich land that spans 25 Texas counties and is roughly the same size as the entire state of West Virginia.


So while it’s no surprise that the Eagle Ford has spawned one of the greatest investment hotbeds of our time, it’s also no surprise that there are currently THREE very little-known opportunities that could earn you your first ”Mailbox Money” check within the next month.

You see, there’s so much oil under the ground in this particular part of Texas that it won’t be fully tapped out for another 20 to 30 years.

And this is why even the big oil companies are buying up — and overpaying for — as much land as they can legally get their hands on.

Take BHP Billiton, for example.

These guys have been in the oil game forever. They’re as shrewd as you could possibly be when it comes to negotiating big deals.

However, when land became available in the Eagle Ford, BHP moved in at lightning speed and overpaid by 60% just to get in. They shelled out what amounts to $12,000 per acre.

The crazy part is, these days, that’s a steal.

Another oil giant, Devon Energy, was so desperate to get land in the Eagle Ford that it ponied up SIX TIMES more than BHP did… paying $73,000 per acre.

That’s how valuable the land is in the Eagle Ford. Companies with money are willing to empty their pockets in order to get as much land as they can…

And this chart shows why:


As more and more people — especially investors — start to realize just how fast the Eagle Ford is growing, it won’t be long before bigger ”Mailbox Money” checks start rolling in.

Heck, even Warren Buffett has taken notice. He just purchased Phillips 66, a pipeline improvement company… but he didn’t stop there.

He also expanded his investment in ExxonMobil by $3.5 billion.

The Carlyle Group, one of the largest private equity firms in the world, is stockpiling a $7 billion energy war chest, more than half of which it says will be spent on shale plays like the Eagle Ford.

And Marathon Oil recently SOLD $3 billion worth of European assets to get more involved in American oil and gas… with its eyes set on making some serious loot in the Eagle Ford.

Now you can see why people like Richard Dockery earn more in ”Mailbox Money” than some NBA players earn for a full season in the pros.

Thing is — as I’ve already stated — you no longer have to own land to strike it rich.

While Warren Buffett and huge oil companies are sinking their fortunes into land and other companies, there are three plays that have gone relatively unnoticed…

And that could hand you an absolute fortune in monthly ”Mailbox Money” — up to $86,715 (or more, depending on how early you take my advice).

Own America’s Most Precious Commodity

The Energy Information Administration says there are about 10 billion barrels of reserves in the Eagle Ford.

However, as you might already know, the EIA always underestimates reserves.

One of their analysts recently confirmed as much: ”We keep raising our forecasts, and we keep underestimating production.”

The real amount of oil underground is shocking.

And oil and gas experts are predicting some staggering numbers…

At the Developing Unconventional Gas Convention in San Antonio, Texas, Pioneer Natural Resources said that the Eagle Ford is the source for as much as 25 billion barrels of oil and natural gas liquids, as well as 150 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

That makes it one of the biggest oil fields on Earth.

And an oil field that large will completely change the lives of the people who live there…

Not to mention the lives of early investors who get in before the lion’s share of that oil goes to market.

In fact, the Eagle Ford is already changing lives.

The state of Texas is absolutely booming thanks to oil production. In 2013, Texas was responsible for 35% of the oil produced by the United States.


If Texas were a country, it would have been the world’s ninth-biggest oil producer in 2013.

Conservative estimates for the state’s oil production have it jumping up to number seven on the list — at least — by the end of 2014.

Think about that for a minute: Just a few years ago, the Eagle Ford only produced about 400 barrels a day…

But just last year, it contributed enough oil to rank Texas higher in production than most countries in the world.

It’s no wonder people are making money hand over fist, or that new millionaires are sprouting up every single day.

All the new millionaires and taxpayers have really helped the state, too. Texas’ once-depleted ”Rainy Day Fund” now holds over $12 billion.

I don’t know about you, but I think $12 billion is enough to handle the rainiest of days.

Though the good ol’ boys of Texas are putting some of this money to use in 2014…

You see, all of the new economic growth in Texas has come at a cost: infrastructure.

Texas’ roads are falling apart because of the population boom and the tons of equipment being trucked into the busy oil fields.

As a result, pavement crumbles away, and roads can be backed up for miles on end thanks to overcrowding and accidents.

Don’t worry, though…

The state’s government has taken some of the huge tax revenue from oil to fund about a quarter of a billion dollars in road paving for the affected counties.

Let me remind you that something as life-changing and disruptive as a new oil field always means huge money on the stock market.

And it’s only just getting started…

The University of Texas estimates that by 2020, there will be at least 5,000 new wells and 68,000 full-time jobs with an economic output of $21.5 billion.

And surely more road problems — not that all of the new millionaires in Texas will be too worried about it…

And who can blame them?

Rags to Riches… Overnight

Consider Dimmit County, Texas…

Before the oil boom, it was the 19th poorest county in the United States.

But thanks to the Eagle Ford, the county’s troubles are over. What was once a place reminiscent of a ghost town now can’t even find enough people to give drug tests to new oil workers…

Let alone enough people to work the new rigs, clothe the new workers, feed their families, or teach their children.

Soon enough, Dimmit will be one of the wealthiest counties in the nation.

It’s success stories like this that have Railroad Commissioner David Porter publicly praising the Eagle Ford:

”The single most significant economic development in our state’s history.”

He’s right, too. A recent study from the Phoenix Global Wealth Monitor found that one in every 20 Texas households has liquid assets worth at least $1 million.

The Eagle Ford just can’t stop making millionaires out of regular people.

Don’t be fooled, though…

It’s not just oil workers, executives, or landowners benefiting from the growth in Texas…

Investors all over the world have seen incredible gains from the Eagle Ford since Petrohawk first struck oil in 2008.

Like Francis Rudolph, who made $86,715 on Devon Energy after watching the share price climb…

Or Gerald Huton, who saw incredible gains of 750% from 2008 to 2013 when he cashed out…

Or Janice Duquette, who sold her shares in Rosetta Resources for 202% gains last November…

And Mitch Mullins, who just recently sold some shares he’d owned since 2008 for 162% gains.

I could go on and on and on.

Now, these investors all got into their ”Mailbox Money”-worthy plays at the right time.

Of course, you could invest in any of the stocks I just mentioned… but don’t expect gains like Gerald, Janice, or Francis if you do.

The stock prices of those companies are simply too high for them to be profitable. But thanks to three incredible companies I’m going to tell you about for FREE today, you can see even bigger gains.

Maybe even enough to make you a ”Mailbox Money” Millionaire.

Oil Company Trades at a 1,266% Discount

But before I tell you about them, let me first introduce myself.

I’m Keith Kohl, and I’m the investment director for Angel Publishing’s hugely successful Energy Investor advisory service.

My readers look to me for one simple reason: They get high-caliber, profit-gushing energy investments that simply can’t be found anywhere else.

I was the first to break the news about Bakken oil plays to my readers back in 2007, when no one could imagine North Dakota would hold more oil than any OPEC member.

No one had heard about the Bakken; everyone was focused on oil sands in Canada — yet the Bakken play became our backyard, our playground for fast gains — even in the worst economic times.

Readers like you netted tens of thousands of dollars from my recommendations.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the quick gains we’ve fleeced from the Bakken…

Northern Oil & Gas spiked 103% in just two months.

Brigham Exploration popped 316% in just 16 months.

Kodiak Oil & Gas — with its 228,000 acres in the Bakken — has soared 6,741% in the past four years.

And Triangle Petroleum has rallied 1,077% since 2010!

And now we are about to see another huge set of gains coming from the Eagle Ford…

They are set to be more trophies for the Energy Investor portfolio.

We’ve had an amazing run of profits over the last six years, which include…

Northern Oil and Gas — 103%
Brigham Exploration — 200%
UTS Energy Corp. — 140%
Brigham Exploration — 315%
Petrobank Energy — 103%
Continental Resources — over 60%
Brigham Exploration — 256%
Continental Resources — 50%
Brigham Exploration — 48%
Continental Resources — 26%
Crescent Point Energy — 69.6%
American Oil and Gas — 215%
PowerShares DB Crude Oil — 124%
Canadian Superior Energy Inc. — 85%
Gains like these could have made you rich in short order.

That’s why it’s no surprise my readers flooded me with notes on their performance…

”Bought the wife a new car!”

”230% in less than a year”

”… up 252%, 165%, and 101%”

It’s like music to my ears…

When Energy Investor published its first issue back in 2005, my single goal was to offer my readers a way to profit from the upcoming surge in oil and gas production.

My focus has always been on North American energy companies (primarily in Canada and the United States). As the years passed, I began to target long-term investments, including both larger infrastructure stocks and the bigger drilling players.

My subscribers are thrilled with the results. So we’ll keep it that way.

Biggest Gains Still to Come

Let me be clear:

The biggest gains are yet to come, as hydraulic fracturing oil-rich shale formations launches America toward energy independence and global oil dominance.

This is huge and historic, no matter how you look at it. It’s a new age of American industrialism.

There will be millions made by investors who sit on the right side of the fence.

This new energy boom is unlike any other in American history. It’s bigger — it has and will continue to dwarf every previous boom that created the likes of Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs.

In fact, this new energy boom is better by miles.

Because, for the first time, everyday Americans are the ones getting wealthy.

And the wealth has just started. A lot of money will be made.

It would be foolish to just sit aside and not be a part of this…

The small companies drilling in new shale formations — like the Eagle Ford — are the ones to look out for.

I spend endless hours poring over companies’ field production reports, lease acquisitions, landholdings, SEC filings, and CEO interviews…

I’ve been to the Bakken, Fort McMurray, the Permian Basin, and the Eagle Ford to get a firsthand look at the operations of some of my favorite oil and gas stocks.

They are the ones that will dish out gangbuster profits to folks like you, just as they did in the Bakken in 2007…

And that’s why I’m so excited about these three small companies that are about to make huge gains.

The Three Keys to Your New Wealth

My first company is the Eagle Ford darling you’ve probably never heard of before.

It has some of the best real estate in the play.

It has acreage that rivals the likes of Devon Energy, BHP Billiton, and EOG Resources — all of which trade over $50 a share…

But you won’t pay nearly that much for this company.

Even after steady gains during 2013 and early 2014, it’s still insanely cheap.

This opportunity would be like buying a major oil company like EOG Resources at a 1,266% discount.

Even billionaire investor George Soros upped his stake in the company after recent filings showed increased production and revenue from the Eagle Ford.

That’s right — not only is its acreage in a prime location, but it’s also more efficient than the competitors’.

It has more than 70,000 net acres in the play, but it plans to up that to more than 100,000 acres by the end of the year.

And I have no doubt that it will reach that goal…

In the last year alone, it added 38% to its acreage… and the best part is that 89% of its total reserves are oil or natural gas liquids.

This is a company that knows exactly how to work the market… natural gas prices go up and down like kids on a seesaw, so it sold its natural gas assets to lesser competitors and used the money to buy big-oil acreage for little-guy prices.

This stock is really set to pop, and it’s bound to happen soon.

And investors who get in before the surge will see at least 100% gains on the way to becoming ”Mailbox Money” millionaires.

Once the company announces its next big buy in the Eagle Ford, I could see share prices jumping anywhere from 75-80%… easily.

And that’s just after the announcement.

Once the new crude reserves, which right now stand at approximately 100 million barrels of oil, are sold, early investors are going to make a fortune on the price surge.

It could easily double, and as cheap as the stock is right now, you could make huge gains.

In fact, I can’t believe the stock is so undervalued on Wall Street right now.

That’s no small feat…

But you’ll need to buy before everyone else realizes how profitable this opportunity is… and the time to do it is right now.

Or else you’ll be kicking yourself for missing out.

My next oil stock is a cheaper play that stands to be even more rewarding.

This company has done a great job of transitioning from volatile natural gas into the lucrative oil and wet gas plays.

Its Eagle Ford assets have given it incredible results, especially for crude oil production.

In the third quarter of 2013, it produced 4,781 barrels of oil per day.

In other words, that’s about $470,000 per day and $43 million for one quarter alone.

But it still hasn’t even come close to tapping its Eagle Ford reserves, which stand at 24.8 million barrels right now.

In other words, it is sitting on roughly $2.4 billion worth of oil.

Except it only has a market cap of $400 million.

And it isn’t even done growing…

Currently, it has 4,400 net Eagle Ford acres.

I know that doesn’t sound like much, but thanks to a profit of nearly $30 million at the end of last year, it will be buying more oil-rich Eagle Ford real estate.

In fact, it already has…

In January, it announced the purchase of 440 additional acres.

Now, 440 isn’t much either, but this company knows great value when it sees it.

That’s how it has stayed profitable.

And it’s small deals like this that have been slowly boosting production while keeping the company off the radar of the Wall Street herd.

”[This Company] has always had a strong set of assets which the street has failed to recognize.” — Stephens Inc.

You see, a few years ago, most of its assets were in natural gas, which is so cheap these days that it just isn’t as profitable as crude oil.

But through savvy dealing, this company has increased its reserves to two-thirds oil and natural gas liquids… where the meat of its profits are made.

Not to mention that 100% of its spending in 2014 will go toward growing its crude oil reserves.

Let me be very clear: once this company starts buying more oil-rich acres, especially in the Eagle Ford and Bakken, its share price is likely to surge…


Based on its proved reserves, which are always underestimated, this company is worth at least $12 per share…

Right now, it trades for around $5.

Once the Street catches on, the price will easily triple. When it buys even more acres, the stock’s price will go much higher.

New Big Oil Member Coming Soon…

I’ve saved the best for last with my next play.

Recently, this company saw its stock price dip…

While some might see this as bad news, the company’s director didn’t.

He bought 15,000 shares.

We both saw how undervalued the company was.

We aren’t the only ones, either; last year, the CEO of the company spent nearly $400,000 buying stock because he knows it has some of the best acreage in all of the Eagle Ford.

This company has 77,000 gross acres, and its proved reserves are worth $2.3 billion, but its market cap is less than $500 million.

We’ve seen it before in the Bakken, and it’s happening all over again…

When an oil company’s proved reserves are worth nearly four times more than its market cap and mainstream investors catch on, the shares absolutely skyrocket.

You could see 340% gains on this stock as it moves up into ”Big Oil” status with the likes of Exxon and Shell.

Don’t be fooled: the company is run by wildcatters buying up land in the hopes they will strike oil.

Most of the acreage is in the heart of the Eagle Ford’s oil window, and last year the company drilled over 70 wells with a 100% success rate…

That’s right — it struck oil every single time.

Every. Single. Time.

This is set to be an absolute winner and will even rival some of my best Bakken picks like Brigham Exploration and Northern Oil and Gas.

The reason for its ridiculously low valuation is that its reserves, for a long time, were almost all natural gas…

Now, though, its estimated proved reserves are at 212 million barrels, 50% of which is oil.

But somewhere along the way in its transition into a big-time crude oil producer, investors lost track…

Soon, they will catch on again, and the price will skyrocket.

That’s why it’s had rampant insider buying over the past year.

To add to the upside, the company is looking to sell its underperforming natural gas assets in Louisiana and will use the extra capital to fund its Eagle Ford projects.

As it continues to stockpile oily acres in South Texas, its stock price should jump big time.

I think it could double by the end of the third quarter, if not earlier.

And since it has already made the smooth transition from natural gas producer to crude oil driller, it’s only a matter of time before the herd catches on.

Right now is the absolute best time to buy, and it will be the only time this company’s shares will trade so low for the foreseeable future.

Your Guide to ”Mailbox Money” Millions…
To Your Inbox Once a Month

As I mentioned earlier, my name is Keith Kohl. I’m the energy analyst and investment strategist of the Energy Investor, an investment advisory service.

I’ve built a very successful career at the forefront of new oil and natural gas discoveries.

And my cutting-edge investment research has helped thousands of individual investors make life-changing wealth from the best stocks in the energy sector.

In fact, Energy Investor members have made money on every significant oil and gas field — including the Eagle Ford and Haynesville in Texas, the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania, the oil sands of Alberta, and of course, North Dakota’s Bakken shale oil field.

Like I said, my readers and I practically discovered the Bakken as an investment.

And we racked up a string of gargantuan triple-digit winners…

But we’re nowhere near done, because oil is the only investment asset the world simply can’t do without.

Whether it’s a small exploration company with a new discovery or an established major that’s undervalued, you’ll know about it — and profit from it — thanks to Angel’s Energy Investor…

”A new black gold rush is under way… enough to meet all U.S. oil needs for decades.” — Kiplinger

”To become the largest oil field ever discovered in the lower 48 states in terms of total ultimate oil production.” — Forbes

I’ve been leading investors to the very best-performing energy stocks since 2007.

That was the year the International Energy Agency (IEA) dropped a bombshell on investors when it stated:

”Some $20 trillion of investment in supply infrastructure is needed to meet projected global demand.”

Now, I don’t always trust the IEA… They’re in the pocket of global government, and one of their main goals is to gloss over the simple fact that the world has already run out of cheap oil. They do this to keep people from panicking.

But this time — saying $20 trillion is needed for oil production — the IEA was right on target.

Twenty trillion dollars — that’s the size of the opportunity we’re investing for.

And with Energy Investor on your side, you can be sure you’ll get your share in the form of investment profits…

And that’s why I’m writing to you today…

The energy crisis of the 21st century is, without a doubt, one of those investments through which you can achieve a lifetime of wealth.

It’s a sector that could make you a legendary fortune in just a short period of time.

When you sign up for Energy Investor, you’ll immediately get access to the blockbuster Special Report, ”The 3 Step Guide to ’Mailbox Money’ and Eagle Ford Millions.”

With the frenzied land grabs in South Texas coming to an end and companies finishing the transitio