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by dshisler | August 18, 2014 10:50 am

Happy birthday Travis!
I too just celebrated and turned 50 on August 8th. A square root day (8-8-64)
Maybe that explains why I’m a left handed, dyslectic, diagnosed hyperactive, irregular!
I just read your article on energy harvesting/ storage mention of GTAT in Mesa AZ. A stock I own for the past 7 mo.
I worked at the job site and started up all the mechanical equipment. It was one of the fastest and interesting jobs I’ve ever had the privilege to do.
You’re dead on right about sapphire glass for their new i phone 6 screens.
The site is the old First Solar bldg. That would be as close to an ”energy agreement ” you could possibly construe from Apple in Mesa.
I’m holding GTAT through 2015 for many reasons and at less than $17/share I can’t imagine a cheaper way to take a tasty bite of the Apple!

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