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By droessler, September 1, 2014

Does anyone have anything new on stellar, she took off, not sure if it’s just response to the newsletters or if somethings been disclosed I’m not aware of. I can not find any definitive reason beyond the news letters.
It is a great story on this one, I bit at 1.21, thinking it might be time to release the grip, but that little person on my left shoulder says ”hang on” ”hang on”

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September 7, 2014 11:09 am

I cannot think of a single scientific or medical reason to be in this hyped stock, one whose sole product just keeps failing again and again in clinical trials.

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September 10, 2014 1:16 pm

So Travis – if we put MD after our name does that make us an expert on biotechnology? What are the specific pros/cons for development of this therapy? I was first informed @ this penny stock by Dr. Kent Moors. Moors, who is a PhD, is best known in newsletters for oil and energy stocks. Lately, his picks have taken a beating, as anyone who is an “expert” on the dynamics of supply & demand for energy has learned once again. There are so many other factors that influence pricing for equities — including the value of the US Dollar, which has been extremely strong of late. Check UUP.
I have had an equity interest in Start up biotech stocks in the past. Rather than making a generalized statement @ Stellar, anyone who bought stock in Biotechs in the past has to know there is inherent risk assumed. Thinking of early investors in Genentech or Idenix probably knew there was a chance that the company could be bought out, therefore worth the speculative bet for purchasing shares. Others buy stocks like Gilead because they want to encourage research for AIDS and other deadly conditions. We all need to look at these speculative stocks with skepticism — knowing that if the “bet” does not work, there can be a tax write off! However, I have found that many Biotechs may have a history of failure on trials — sometimes because of the medical industry itself! Anyone who buys these stocks and ignores the politics of the medical/education/research industrial complex will likely be very disappointed more often than not. Let the Buyer Beware……

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Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
September 10, 2014 2:24 pm
Reply to  advantedges

For me, the issue with Stellar is that it’s not a biotechnology company — it’s a materials supplier. And I can’t figure out whether the materials they supply will be worth what Nick Hodge teases they’ll be worth, or a tenth of that amount, or how fast they’ll be able to ramp up supply should demand increase in the future. They have grown capacity much more slowly than they anticipated so far (they have to breed and slowly bleed these giant molluscs, which takes time — they can’t take much blood each time without killing them), and the commercial pricing for the product is still dramatically lower than the blue sky prices teased by the ads, that’s what steers me away from them. Whether the KLH will ever become a valuable ingredient of a mass-scale drug or not is a science and medicine question that I sure can’t answer, but the material supply and demand at this point don’t encourage me to assign the company a value that’s at such a dramatic premium to the size of their existing and established small operation.

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